Rafa Medina, creator of the firm Scalpers, tells us about his experience with the Opel Cabrio

Rafa Medina is a designer and the creator of the firm Scalpers. One of the most stylish Spanish men today. The designer guts us the design of the Opel Cabrio in an interview giving us his experienced opinion on the design and performance of this Opel convertible vehicle. Shall we uncover the video to see what Rafa Medina tells us in the interview?

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Rafa Medina is a prestigious designer and creator of the Scalpers firm and in the interview talking about the new Opel Cabrio we can see him wearing a casual look with a white shirt, camel chinos, loafers and sunglasses as an accessory. A style that, as you can see in the video, is consistent with the Opel Cabrio.

In the interview, the design of the leather upholstery and the air conditioning of the Cabrio stand out, which allows it to travel without a hood in high temperatures thanks to the ECC digital air conditioning technology.

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It also highlights all the gadgets and technological advances available to the new Opel Cabrio that facilitate travel (TSA), making it much more comfortable and, above all, generating intelligent and very safe driving.

Do you have a trip with friends to the beach? Well, the Opel Cabrio is perfect since it has 4 seats for occupants in addition to enjoying a large trunk (the largest in the cabrio category) for all the luggage you need.

Another detail that stood out about this incredible vehicle was its AFL adaptive headlights. These are smart and what they do is light your way at night. Taking advantage of this, in the video he tells us about the special trip he made several years ago through Andalusia and that his wish would be to repeat it with the new Opel Cabrio.

It is worth highlighting his musical tastes, similar to mine. David Guetta is a DJ with whom he loves to share the trip, with or without a hood, with its thermal and sound insulation system that make this Cabrio a perfect car to listen to your favorite artists on the way to work, to a party or on vacation .

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Interview with Rafa Media

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