Properties of coconut oil for hair: what effects does it have?

If you have not yet tried coconut oil for your hair, you are losing the opportunity to improve, in many aspects, your hair health. One of the essentials of hair care whose relevance has not stopped increasing in recent years. In case you still have doubts, we will tell you about the properties of coconut oil for hair and what effects it has

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Properties of coconut oil for hair

When we talk about coconut, obviously, we associate it with something natural and healthy. Well, and with a beach, but that’s another story. In the case of hair, this tropical fruit has been providing endless benefits for a long time. In fact, you may be surprised by the amount of properties coconut oil has for hair. Take note:

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  • Reduces frizz – Especially in hair with very marked curls, coconut oil is the perfect ally to control and define frizz. Its hydrophobic capacity makes the hair maintain moisture for longer, considerably limiting the dreaded frizz.
  • Recovers damaged hair – The current pace of life leads to damaged, weak hair with an alarming lack of protein. By using coconut oil, we apply capric acid and lauric acid that multiply the resistance and strength of the hair, recovering its health in a few weeks.

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  • 100% natural origin – Coconut oil is completely natural and vegetable, that is, it does not have sulfates, parabaenos, alcohol, silicone or any chemical product that can attack the health of your hair. Its composition is mainly from saturated fatty acids, as it is a vegetable oil.
  • Prevents hair loss – Vitamin E, one of the many properties that coconut oil has, directly reinforces the hair fibers of the scalp, helping to prevent hair loss.

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  • Reduces split ends – Even if you have short hair, your ends may be split and damaged. With coconut oil and the aforementioned Vitamin E, you will notice how the health of your hair covers from the roots to the ends.
  • Total protection of the scalp – And since there are no two without three, Vitamin E also acts as a protector against external aggressions that hair suffers on a daily basis. It does not do it alone, but Vitamin K and proteins also have a lot to do with this prevention

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  • Dandruff solution – The moisturizing properties of coconut oil are as effective as they are amazing. By keeping hair moist and hydrated, it significantly reduces dryness, itching and irritation, completely eliminating uncomfortable and unsightly dandruff. Thus, the recommendation is to combine it with one of the best sulfate-free anti-dandruff shampoos
  • Head Lice Prevention – It is not that coconut oil is an anti-lice treatment, but that it is a very effective element to prevent them. Thanks to the oily texture that it leaves on the hair, both lice and nits have a more difficult time adhering to the hair and, therefore, settling down and creating a serious problem for us.

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  • Cools the head – Although it sounds strange, there are many people whose scalp sweats, which means, in addition to dirtier and more damaged hair, an increase in the temperature of the head that, on occasions, can lead to in migraines. This can be solved with coconut oil, whose properties help to cool your head and improve your general condition.
  • Prevents the appearance of boils – The appearance of boils on the head is not common but it can happen to anyone and it is very annoying. They occur, above all, with extreme temperatures, both cold and, above all, heat. In both situations, coconut oil, clean hair and a scalp massage can reduce and prevent the appearance of complicated boils.

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How to use coconut oil on hair

Now that you know its properties, it’s time to learn how to use coconut oil on your hair. And it is that, depending on the benefits we seek, the application of this element is done in one way or another

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  • How to use coconut oil against dandruff and lice – Dandruff is one of the reasons many people turn to coconut oil. We are talking not only about dandruff, but also about lice.
    • In both cases, we must combine the dose that we administer to the hair, with three drops of tea tree.
    • When we apply it, we must do it slowly and with a circular massage of about three minutes.
    • When finished, we put on a hat and let it act for 30 minutes
    • It is advisable to apply this treatment every three days, until you end up with lice or dandruff.

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  • How to use coconut oil against frizz – Frizz, although it may not seem like it, is a problem for many men. The dreaded frizz occurs, as we have already mentioned, especially in people with curly and thick hair, who have a hard time controlling and shaping their hair. And the truth is that coconut oil is an effective and very simple remedy to solve it.
    • Put three drops of coconut oil on your hand and spread it all over your hair
    • Let it act in the air, without drying or touching, and you will notice how the frizz disappears

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  • How to use coconut oil to promote hair growth – In addition to its repairing and moisturizing properties, coconut oil stimulates hair growth, beyond that monthly cm it grows on average. To achieve this, it is recommended to perform this ritual before bed.
    • Put the coconut oil on your hand and rub it together to warm it up before using it
    • Apply the coconut oil all over your scalp and rub it in as if you were washing your hair
    • When you have the product spread all over your hair, put on the hat and let it work while you sleep all night
    • If you do it every other day, you will notice that your hair grows much faster than in normal circumstances.

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