Properties of castor oil for hair: what effects does it have?

Surely you have never considered that castor oil castor oil could be beneficial for your hair. What’s more, you may not have even heard of castor oil until recently, or it may have sounded like something from decades ago. Regardless of how old it is, today we will tell you about the properties of castor oil for hair: what effects does it have?

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Properties of castor oil for hair

Natural is a trend. More and more people are betting on ecological and healthy care, in view of the fact that the benefits are greater than with industrial elements. In this area of ​​care, hair occupies a privileged place. Not only do we seek to prevent your fall, but also to make you look as healthy as possible. That’s where the properties of castor oil for hair come in.

Castor oil has been the great forgotten of hair care for decades. The reason was none other than its sticky and uncomfortable touch that made it a complicated element to handle.

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However, a time has come when the properties of castor oil for hair were of such quality that it has been impossible to continue ignoring this element. The antibacterial properties of castor oil make it an unbeatable product when it comes to caring for hair.

We are talking about a product full of nutrients and essential fatty acids (omega 9) that multiply hair growth. Not only that, in certain cases it can even stop hair loss.

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Obviously, castor oil is not miraculous, so it will not stop hair loss, nor will it restore lost hair. What castor oil does do is enhance the pores and hair follicles from which hair arises, improving overall hair health. And it will do so by improving and facilitating the circulation of blood that reaches the hair follicles, stimulating them and facilitating the growth of existing hair

Thus, with castor oil, the hair recovers its own natural defenses that, daily, are removed by external agents such as dryers, dirt, dyes or poor scalp care. Its hydrating and moisturizing effect makes hair strong and hard, repelling the attacks of chemical or physical agents that try to weaken it.

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In addition, its natural properties are also antibacterial and antifungal, so it helps to eliminate and prevent the presence of bacteria, dirt and fungi on the scalp, promoting strong and healthy hair.

To recap, these are the benefits that castor oil properties offer for hair:

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  • Regenerates hair
  • Favors blood circulation in the scalp
  • Delays the appearance of gray hair
  • Enhances the natural color of the hair
  • Untangles knots
  • Restores pores and hair follicles
  • It is moisturizing and nutritious

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  • Reduces the frizz effect
  • Prevents dryness
  • Gives shine and volume to the hair
  • Reduces split ends and weak and brittle hair
  • Prevents the appearance of dandruff
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Prevents hair loss

On the other hand, we have discussed the properties of castor oil for hair but we have not discussed the elements that promote these properties. These are the components of castor oil:

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  • Ricinoleic Acid – It is the antifungal and antibacterial element of castor oil
  • Fatty acids – Strengthens the scalp and gives it a healthier and more voluminous appearance
    • Omega 3 and 6 – Reactivates blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens the follicles
    • Omega 9 – Provides hydration coverage to the hair fibers that protects the hair.

How to use castor oil on hair

Now that we know its benefits and properties, it’s time to learn how to use castor oil on your hair.

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As we have already mentioned, its touch is somewhat sticky, so it should not be applied directly to the hair. What’s more, having healthy and shiny hair will depend on how we apply castor oil to our hair

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Thus, we teach you how to use castor oil in your hair step by step:

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  • Wash the hair – To apply castor oil, it is advisable to do it on clean hair and as natural as possible. For this reason, if you can use a shampoo without sulfates or parabens, in addition to having healthier hair, you will enhance the effect of castor oil on your scalp
  • Dry hair – Dry your hair with a towel but do not use a blow dryer. In addition, it is convenient that you allow a few minutes after showering so that the hair finishes drying in the air, although not completely
  • Apply the castor oil – With your hair slightly damp, pour some castor oil into your hands and apply it to your head
  • Massage – For a correct application, it is advisable to use your fingertips to give yourself a self-massage that goes from the roots to the tips.

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  • Turban – When you are done, wrap your hair in a towel or a turban (you can find them in any supermarket) and let the castor oil work for 20 minutes. Another option is, instead of removing the towel, let the castor oil work overnight and remove it in the morning. Of course, keep the towel on so as not to stain the sheets.
  • Wash again – Go back to the shower, remove the castor oil with warm water and wash the hair again with your sulfate-free shampoo

You must repeat this process every 4 days during the first two months, in which you will accumulate a total of 15 applications of castor oil. Once these two months have passed, you will notice the effect of the castor oil and you can start applying it every 15 days, to maintain.

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The truth is that castor oil is a natural product, easy to find and at a more than affordable price that can give your hair a new life. If you’re afraid to try it, think about the amount of chemicals in the shampoo you regularly use, which will always be far superior and more dangerous for your hair than this castor oil.

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