Pre-spring 2013: Don’t skimp on colors

As is also the case with women, men have a fashionable color for this Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 season. This color we refer to is the red wine tone. However, this is not the only color in the garments that will play a leading role in men’s trends for this coming year, 2013. Do you want to know more? Continue reading.

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For this post we focus on a mythical brand for many of us, Tommy Hilfiger, a firm that returns with renewed airs and that returns to stay with us this new 2013 season.

  • Preppy style
  • Tommy Collection for this pre-spring 2013

preppy style

Tommy’s collections give a very clear guideline as they bet on and explore the preppy style. What makes them unique in this is that they are pioneers, especially at the national level. This entails an experience in the sector that is highly reflected in his lookbooks and in his collections for each season, where chromatic injections abound. With a navy and urban style with preppy touches, giving importance to accessories within their outfits.

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If what I am saying sounds a bit Chinese to you, take a look at this new collection that Tommy brings us for this pre-spring 2013, you will be able to see how easily and quickly these guidelines are identified.

Tommy Collection for this pre-spring 2013

In the matter of colors it is one of the fundamental aspects. Pastel tones together with neutral colors become strong in any preppy look that can be appreciated: many red, green, blue colors… are valid as long as they know how to combine correctly. Giving special importance to some prints such as madras or tartan, which provide a jovial and fresh touch while giving the outfit a lot of personality.

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One of the aspects that stands out, in addition to preppy, is the adaptation of other styles to preppy canons. Therefore, we find a much more careful college style, which places greater emphasis on colors and accessories and with tailoring that is a little tighter than it normally is, giving a much more classic essence.

This entire collection gives us a set of very appetizing and totally summery looks, with very versatile garments. What do you think?

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