Piqué will once again be the image of MANGO

Gerard Piqué, the F.C Barcelona player and boyfriend of the Colombian singer Shakira will once again be the image of the Spanish firm MANGO. The 25-year-old Catalan player posed for the photographer Mariano Vivanco in the month of May, before going to the European Football Championship with the Spanish team, in which, together with his teammates, he would lift the trophy on July 1 in kyiv.

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In the images we can appreciate the naturalness with which the center-back performs in front of the cameras, as this is the fourth time that he has been chosen as the image of MANGO, this time for the Autumn-Winter campaign.

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From MANGO they assure that Barça’s 3 represents everything that the firm wants to transmit in its collection, as they consider it “young, with personality, carefree and with its own style”.

MANGO chooses Gerard to be the image of MANGO internationally, and it is not for less that they are delighted with him, since we are talking about one of the best central defenders in the world, to which must be added his relationship with one of the singers famous in the world such as Shakira.

Gerard has spent years being considered one of the most elegant men on the current scene, thanks to his well-cared image from which he knows how to take advantage of his blue eyes and his 3-day beard that usually accompanies him, added to his imposing size of 193 centimeters tall.

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The player is a lover of fashion and represents both on the pitch and off it the type of man who has dazzled so many women and fashion brands both in Spain and in the rest of the world, which is why, without a doubt, this Idyll between the player and the Catalan fashion firm will surely continue to work as well as it has up to now.

Here we leave you the Making of of the footballer’s photo shoot:

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