Photos of the most elegant men in history

From ModaThey look back to look at the most elegant men who have walked the red carpet in festival to festival Currently there are very elegant men such as Joaquin Phoenix, or Brad Pitt, or George Clooney among others, although the reality is that before he dressed very elegantly than now.

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The 10 most elegant men in history

Henry Fonda

The top of elegance, his suit, his attitude, his aesthetics, make him occupy the first place of the most elegant men.

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Ryan Gosling

Actor who got his fame with the movie “Drive”, exudes elegance on all sides and also uses a sporty look with surprising elegance. Set the trend this year.

Cary Grant

Actor who gave us a lesson on how to wear a tuxedo, a great emblem of elegance.

Marcello Mastroianni

Actor who made the three-piece tuxedo famous in the presentation of the movie “The Demon of Jealousy”.

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Jean Cocteau

Poet and director who always showed great elegance.

Alfred Hitchock

The film director, at the presentation of the film “Los Pajaros” appeared in a tuxedo at the Cannes festival. Since then its elegance has become famous.

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Michael Caine

Actor and author who stands out for his Anglo-Saxon elegance.

Jude Law

Actor who starred in the 21st century Alfie movie.

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Sean Connery

Known worldwide for being one of the great protagonists of the movie 007.

George Clooney

Actor who became famous for a television series. It fills all the covers in this century for its elegance and for its know-how.

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