Photos of the best modern haircuts for men

Do you want to know which are the best modern haircuts for men? Surely you are looking to find a cut that allows you to break with everything and thus show off a completely renewed “look”. Well then, nothing better than seeing now the photos that we have selected for you. Pay attention, because we show you the Photos of the best modern haircuts for men.

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Photos of the best modern haircuts for men

There are many current trends that we can find among men’s haircuts, but the truth is that they have somehow become somewhat “repetitive”, so it is better to opt for the cuts that are more modern these days.

Updo and Messy Style

Photo: Instagram @morrismotley

The updo and style of wearing a modern quiff has been one of the most popular looks of 2018, but for 2019, the same version is modernized with a messy twist for a much more authentic look. The key to making this look look like the image is to cut your hair slightly asymmetrical, or also undone, and then lift it up and tousle it with the help of a bit of wax.

Double line cut

Photos: Instagram @ggsoaress

We’ve seen a lot of trendy cuts in the last year, but adding a second arched part over a faded cut is next level. Everyone wears this same cut, although only marking a line or line that divides the hair. The fact of marking two makes it a much more radical cut and, of course, much more modern.

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Cut with textured bangs

Photo: Instagram @barbersofbt45

The textured haircut with good bangs is one of the hair trends that is growing the most in recent months, but it is also one of the most modern cuts that we can find. This type of cut stands out not only for choppy cuts that add unexpected angles to the hair in general, but also adds that bangs that to make it stand out more, nothing like dyeing it blonde or bleaching it, in front of the dark roots underneath, just like we show you in the image above.

Mohawk cut and gradient

Photo: Instagram @mensworldherenkappers

For those of you who want to find a cut that is really modern, and with a radical change of “look”, nothing like opting for the “mohawk” style, although in a renewed version. In this way, we propose just what you can see in the photo above, a Mohican cut, but with a slight gradient effect on the sides. A cut that, in addition to achieving texture all over with that V-shaped crest, maintains a certain imbalance that is messy and clean, thanks to the beautiful effect that is created with the gradient.

Blue Choppy Cut

Photo: Instagram @paulmacspecial

This haircut we see above would be trendy even if the model didn’t have dyed blue hair. The dye may do a lot, but the truth is that choosing a haircut characterized by different choppy sections, gives you a really fresh and undeniably modern look.

Textured and gradient cut

Photo: Instagram @menspiresalon

We know that gradient cuts are the big current trend, but the truth is that most men opt for the same type of cut with raised hair and a slight gradient on the sides. What we propose is a somewhat more modern cut, in which the hair is cut so that it looks like it has different layers or textures, and stands out more thanks to a much more pronounced gradient. A style that many young people are currently betting on and that will really give you a much fresher “look”.

Shaved cut and gradient

Photo: Instagram @hairclublive

Similarly, the shaved haircut is one of the most popular currently, but if you want a more modern version, there’s nothing like shaving and at the same time, achieving a gradient look like the one you see above, in which the line that divides the central or upper part of the head, and the rest of the cut, is very noticeable. This is a haircut style that we think is one of the coolest for this summer, or in fact, to look “cool” all year long.

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Asymmetric cut

Photo: Instagram @juanmisa7

It is clear that asymmetric cuts continue to be a trend this year, but if you want your cut to look much more modern, there is nothing like choosing a style like the one we see in the image above. An asymmetric cut marked above all by that parting that you see and that leads us to one side really being seen with much more hair than the other. In addition, the asymmetry becomes even greater, thanks to the side gradient that ends up culminating a really striking and modern style.

V-shaped fade cut

Photo: Instagram @justinthomashair

We continue to see the best photos of modern haircuts for men 2019 and although we have already told you about the commitment to cuts that are asymmetrical and degraded, you can also choose a cut like this one that we show you above, in which if look, the hair has been cut so that from front to back it forms a V, which is also greatly accentuated thanks to its beautiful gradient style.

Curly Fade Haircut

Photo: Instagram @joshconnollybarber

If, on the other hand, you have curly hair, we suggest a modern cut like this one that you can see above, in which the curl remains the trend-setting option, and the more natural the better, although with a slightly disheveled effect, or “messy”, combined with a slight gradient on both the sides and the back of the head.

If you want to see more of the photos of modern men’s haircuts 2019, don’t miss the photo gallery that we have prepared for you:

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