Photos of the best French haircuts or Caesar cut

The French haircut is a type of cut that seems to have back in fashion. Also called the Caesar cut, because it is the style of court worn by Emperor Julius Caesar, it has a timeless style, since it has existed since the first century. But despite its timelessness, the César is back as a trend, since from its most classic style, men can choose to wear it with different styles. As an example, and to inspire you, nothing like seeing the photos of the best French Haircuts or Caesar cut.

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Photos of the best French haircuts or Caesar cut

Also known as the Roman haircut, the French cut or Caesar cut has evolved with the times and is a staple style in hairdressers and salons, so if it is a type of cut that you like, It won’t cost you much to get it done. It’s also rumored that Cesar wore this cut to minimize his forehead a bit or in fact, known as “receivers,” and men still wear this style in a similar fashion today, so if you’re missing out on some hair or you notice that your forehead looks too much and you are not ready to let the world know about it, the French style haircut can be a great option for you.

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The basic Caesar haircut is still a haircut with bangs. Start with short hair on the sides, back and top, then comb the top forward to accentuate the bangs and trim to the desired level.

If you want to try the look for yourself but aren’t sure which direction to go, look no further. Next, we have gathered the best photos in which you can design see different options of French cut or Caesar cut but with a renewed style or look. They will surely serve as an inspiration.

Caesar cut with shaved sides


This shaved style is quite elevated, so the best option is to go for a French or Caesar style cut for the front and center part, thus creating a perfect combination of styles for this new year and especially for the spring-summer season, when you will surely want to wear a fresh and modern cut.

Messy French cut and textured


Another modern version of the French cut style, in which the classic style of the Caesar cut is used to bet on a slightly messy cut and also cut in a textured way as set by the latest trends in men’s cuts. Use a light wax to further style and texturize your haircut for a slightly messy look.

French or Caesar cut with bangs


The French style cut itself has bangs, but since this is a trend, nothing like deciding to “play” with it a bit so that we get a more stylish and renewed Caesar cut. In this way, you can do as in the image, with a French cut that has slightly longer bangs so that you can style it completely straight, slightly open and even somewhat disheveled.

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Very short Caesar cut with faded sides


The French or Caesar style cut combines very well with the faded cut style as we are seeing in the photos we have shown so far, and especially in the image above in which the bet is a very short cut , with a gradient that is marked and that even reaches a level in which part of the sides are completely shaved.

French or Caesar cut for fine hair


The French cut or Caesar haircut is an excellent choice for those with fine hair. In this case, the best option, or what can look really good on you (if you have fine hair), will be to leave the bangs a little longer at the front and opt for a higher and closer gradient. to help hide any spots where receding is showing or where you see you may have less hair.

Sharp and precise French cut or Caesar cut


For this other French cut option, the key is to keep your hair short on both the top and sides, but have your stylist line the front and sides perfectly for a clean, even look, so so that you get a current style from that timelessness that Caesar has. A cut that is also perfect if you have very round or very oval features.

French or Caesar cut with long bangs


We are seeing how good the French cut looks when the option is to make it stand out for its bangs and it can also be a success if you like long bangs. In the photo above you can see a good example of this. However, it is not a style that is for everyone, since wearing bangs as long as this requires some care.

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French cut or Caesar layered


This other French cut or Caesar haircut is featured with a trendy messy layered style. A cut that is a great alternative to the more classic variations of the Caesar, marked above all by a gradual narrowing towards the sides to achieve a more natural look.

French cut or raised Caesar


We know that the French cut is characterized by combing forward and even having bangs, but who said we can’t raise it? For this variation on a Caesar haircut, use some gel to hold the bangs up and give them some texture. Keep the sides short with a light gradient for contrast.

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