Pantyhose for men

For the past few months, men’s pantyhose have been a boom in Europe and the United States, buying thousands in satin, opaque, and supported versions. Here at Modaellos we tell you everything you need to know about pantyhose for men.

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Men’s pantyhose

Pantyhose or pantyhose have traditionally been a feminine garment. However, for a few years now we already know that men’s fashion is getting closer to women’s fashion and that is why it is not surprising that pantyhose have also crossed that border. There are already exclusive pantyhose for men.

Until this was known, at most there were unisex wool pantyhose that men used very hidden to wear under their pants. In this case it was an undergarment that was used mainly to protect against the cold. Not now, the trend is to show them, even with winter shorts, wear them just like us, with some ankle boots.

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Although this trend seems new, pantyhose was already worn by the Romans several centuries ago, and it began to decline just entering the 19th century. However, it is true that during the last decades it has been a garment used by women, therefore, this could be considered as the restart of a custom that was already there.

Among the main motivations that men have to acquire them are the need for shelter, comfort, the appearance that it gives to their legs, and the benefits in terms of blood circulation.

Some people obviously do not agree with this new trend in men’s fashion, and may say that it is ridiculous, ordinary or tacky, without changing the trend that leads these pantyhose wearers to buy them.

Although it would seem strange to me that a kind of baby doll or garter belt for men would come out, and it is very likely that if I start searching the internet I will find something like that, after all, there is nothing written about tastes and the segments of gay men surely consume for thousands of garments of this type. On the other hand, it is also an increasingly common garment in the sports aspect, and many men use them more and more to go to the gym and wear them under sports pants.

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Of course, if you are going to choose pantyhose, do not choose just any, but try to go to a specialized store that has exclusive men’s pantyhose, since they will have models that are much more adapted to men’s fashion in terms of designs and sizes. And if you’re determined to rock pantyhose, the last thing we can do is give you advice and encourage you to do it without thinking about what others say.

Men’s pantyhose yes or men’s pantyhose no?

This is a question for which everyone will have an answer, obviously. On the one hand there will be the most classic, who will affirm that they would never wear a garment like this, that “all their lives” it has been worn by women. On the other hand, there will be those who know how to see something further and use them for functional purposes, using them as high socks, for example to protect themselves from the cold. There will even be a third group that will see these garments as a way to be trendy, to be original, and to combine other garments in a different way, for example shorts.

At Modaellos we are always in favor of innovation and new trends and we do not see that there is anything wrong with a man wearing pantyhose, whether visible or not. In fact, as we have already said, they fulfill various functions and, even when well combined, they can offer an original and innovative look.

In this sense, it would be interesting to know what the other party, the feminine, thinks. The girls who are reading this, do you think that tights are a garment that can suit a man or that they are exclusive to women? Could it be a fad that grows over time?

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