Pacific Republic: Catalog and where to buy these surfer clothes

Sonia and Selena used to say that when the heat arrives, the boys get they fall in love, it is the breeze and the sun. He forgot that summer has been the source of inspiration for Pacific Republic, the new Pull & Bear clothing line with a clear objective: the young and alternative public. Didn’t you know her? This is Pacific Republic: Catalog and where to buy these surfer clothes

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Pacific Republic: Catalog and where to buy these surfer clothes

Surfer fashion has always been a hymn to freedom, good vibes and being cool. Pull & Bear, which tastes of freedom, good vibes and being cool, has embraced this way of life and has turned it into a clothing line that is sweeping since its launch. We are talking about Pacific Republic and we are going to show you their catalog and where to buy these surfer clothes

And, as happens with many collections in recent times, it is not only possible to access them at the manufacturer’s own house.

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Pacific Republic Catalogue

Before taking a look at the Pacific Republic catalog, it is worth knowing its brief but intense history. Pacific Republic emerged in the summer of 2018 as a Pull & Bear summer line. Aimed at a teenage audience, the collection presents a clothing line for girls and boys with a clear surfer inspiration.

Beaches, sea, sky, waves, surfboards and fun and youthful pastel colors are the majority in this first Pacific Republic collection. In fact, the promo photos for this release are all shot on Malibu-style paradisiacal beaches.

But what does the Pacific Republic catalog have? For them, a lot of floral dress, flared shorts, light fabrics, a lot of straps and a youthful and carefree air. For them, hoodies, messages alluding to the beach and t-shirts in bright colors and many patterns. Obviously, palm trees, towels and surfboards fill the motifs of the garments.

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The success of this launch has expanded the Pacific Republic catalog over the years, with proposals that also extend beyond the summer. In fact, one of its best sellers has been the contrast patch kangaroo jacket. A jacket that swept wherever it was sold due to price, quality and design. It is not the only hit that the Pacific Republic catalog already has

Kangaroo jacket with contrast patch

The contrast patch kangaroo jacket has been one of Pacific Republic’s top sellers. Marketed by Pull & Bear, it imitates the Napapijri but at a price well below the original and with the same features. Result? It has swept sales.

An ideal garment for the autumn-winter season, made of nylon, with a hood and a zip up to the neck, ideal for cutting the wind on colder days. In addition, it is waterproof, so it is also valid for rainy days. It is currently available in three colors (pastel pink, black and aqua green) and at a price of 29.99 euros.

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Buy Pacific Republic contrast patch kangaroo jacket

Black Denim Overalls

Another of the garments that soon flew from each store where it was available was this Pacific Republic Black Denim Dungaree, ideal to wear over a bikini on the beach.

With a price of 49.99 euros, there were stores where it lasted minutes before running out. Obviously, to find a Black Denim Dungaree from Pacific Republic, you have to turn to the second-hand market. Of course, you can find it at a very good price and, if you are lucky, in very good condition.

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Buy Black Denim Overalls from Pacific Republic

Crop Top Sweatshirt

Now, if there was a garment with which Pacific Republic was crowned, it was with its collection of crop top sweatshirts. Available in several colors, they revolutionized an entire generation, combining the warmth of a sweatshirt with the sensuality of a bare abdomen. And it is that summer is not such, if you can not boast of abs.

At a price of 19.99 euros, very affordable for a sweatshirt, the sales of this garment were countless and during the last summers, it has been a habitual garment for adolescents, on summer nights it cooled down slightly.

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As with dungarees, to find a crop top sweatshirt, you have to search second-hand clothing pages and cross your fingers so that it matches our size. If there is luck, the price can stay up to 25% of the original.

Buy Pacific Republic Crop Top Sweatshirt

Where to buy Pacific Republic surf clothing

The big question that many people are asking now: where to buy Pacific Republic surf clothing? Since Pull & Bear released the original collection, the rest of the garments that have been released have been counted and garments have flown. Therefore, the best alternative is to look at second-hand clothing sites and see what they have and what condition it is in.

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However, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the source of origin, that is, Pull & Bear, in case they have launched a new collection or loose garment

Pull & Bear

Today, at Pull & Bear you can buy the contrast patch kangaroo jacket in up to three colours. It is common for garments to appear, both in their stores and on the Pull & Bear website


It’s the largest clothing fishing ground in the Pacific Republic. On the Vinted website or app you can find everything, yes, with limited sizes. Also, in this case you should assess whether it is worth the price, seeing the state of the product. The good thing is that, as always, you can haggle.

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Very similar to Vinted, the Micolet website has second-hand clothing collections, although, in this case, the number of products is much smaller than in the previous one. Even so, the state of all of them is estimable. In addition, the prices at which they are sold are quite competitive, with average discounts of 75% on all their garments

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