Outfits from the vibe – Get an Urban style that stands out

If you like the urban style but you still haven’t managed to create an outfit that goes with you, in this article you will we share ideas to create an outfit of the roll that stands out and goes to the last.

Everything you need to get a streetwear outfit

Urban style is a men’s fashion trend that does not go unnoticed or seasonal. More and more men are choosing to make this style their own and are adding their own way of seeing fashion.

The key is the combination of timeless garments with some other element that is in season and that provides that casual touch. For this reason, without a doubt, it is a great option for those days in which you are looking for comfort without losing style, a touch of sport without being completely sporty. This combination of garments and approaches are what make the urban scene an option that does not go unnoticed and is super versatile.

Next, we share specific garments that are for sale at ecool.es so you can see how to create a complete urban style outfit. In this online store you will be able to find a wide variety of men’s garments that have a defined, urban, modern and designer style.

Project X Paris long pants

A pants full of details, both the cut of the leg, as well as the multiple pockets that extend along it, as well as the cuff with which it closes at ankle height. We have opted for this color that is highly combinable and can bring another color to your wardrobe compared to all those that we share with you in this outfit but, if you want one that combines with everything that we show you, there is it in olive green and it will look great with the whole look.

Guess Jasin T-shirt

T-shirts can be a key element to personalize your look. There are those who choose to choose signature t-shirts, like this one from Guess Jasin, or those who prefer to choose t-shirts of their favorite musical groups (with style), with political phrases or calls to action. It is a very personal matter but, if you doubt, this style that we show you in the photograph can help you find your option.

Dickies DK0A4XGU BLK Sweatshirt

If there is a garment that is totally timeless and that should not be missing from your wardrobe, it is a sweatshirt with a checkered shirt design. The colors do not matter, those are to your liking, but this garment is the ideal one for the autumn and winter season. In my case, this combination of black and white, with some other color added as a brushstroke, seems like a great option to make it easily combinable.

XC-72 Wonderland UXC72 VB Shoes

The classic New Balance sneakers are always a wonderful option to get a streetwear outfit and, if you choose them in black, they are even more combinable. In this case, for those who are in love with sneakers and are the complement to the one with the most variety at home, we have chosen this XC 72 model because it will not go unnoticed anywhere.

Caps and hats

Beyond fashion, through the head is where more temperature can be lost, which is why it is most common that in autumn and winter, when the cold begins to arrive, men choose to cover up their heads with caps and hats but, yes, without losing style. For this occasion we share the Eleven Degress cap that is highly combinable and serves as a reference for an urban style, in addition to the fact that you can find it in black.

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