Original Gifts: Gift ideas in 2023

If this year you want to succeed with gifts, forget about the big topics and surprise with an original and personalized gift. In the end, choosing something that is unique to the other person is the best way to say “I hear you, I know what matters to you and what you like.” So, we share some proposals that you may like a lot.

We have more and more original gift options to choose from, I share my personal selection for this year:

Custom Wallets

Did you know that Adolfo Domínguez’s handbags can be personalized? Through the TransparentGift store you can find wallets for men and women that can include initials or names.

The wallets are 100% leather and for women you can choose between three different colors (khaki, ivory and mustard). They have a protection system for your cards that blocks the signals from unauthorized scanning devices by radio frequency.

Surprise breakfast

If you are one of those who does not mind getting up early and preparing a whole breakfast at home, homemade and freshly made, I think it is an absolutely wonderful gift. But, if you prefer to make the most of your time with the other person or have a surprise breakfast arrive at work, then you have to choose to buy a personalized breakfast, both inside and in the box. In the photograph I show you just one example.

Custom Lamp

A personalized lamp can be a very original and useful gift, so it is one of those details that you do not always remember well. Depending on the person you are going to give as a gift, I can recommend different types of models:

  • A spotify plate, where you can include a phrase or a special song for both of you.
  • A 3D illustrated lamp, you choose the photograph and they turn it into a 3D drawing that they later transform into a lamp design. You can include a frame or not, that’s your choice.
  • Nightrail lamp, ideal for the little ones in the house and with very cute children’s designs, which they will surely love.
  • And if you have a very clear message that you want to convey to the other person or a word that you know is full of meaning for both of you, you can opt for the name lamp. In this option you can choose the font.

Goodbye frames, hello plates

We live in an era where social networks and everything that the internet offers us devastates the rest of the options. For this reason, photographs continue to be a precious way to immortalize and share a special moment, transforming them into paper continues to be something that is most necessary (although nowadays it seems that we leave everything in the cloud) but, if you want to give it an original touch, you can leave the paper and turn them into a plate.

You have different themes that have in common the choice of a photograph, then it already differs from the theme so that you can choose the most suitable one for the honored person. The options are: Spotify plaque, IG plaque, TikTok plaque, Twitter plaque or directly a plaque with the photo of your choice, without the need to theme it with the previous options.


Whether it is a rug for the entrance of the house, the room or simply to rest your feet when getting out of bed, it can be a great gift as long as you turn it into something original and special. For this, the proposal I have for you is a personalized rug. You just have to choose a theme or an important photograph for the person to whom you are going to give it as a gift and they can turn it into a design that will be brought to life by hand.

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