Bikini operation 2014 | We start with the training after the holidays

Yes yes, you read the title correctly. Operation Bikini 2014. With the return of vacations it returns to the routine. Work, traffic jams, meetings, rushing… endless obstacles that can make our lives stressful. One formula that we all turn to to combat daily stress is sport, specifically, the gym. Stress is eliminated by generating endorphins, and why not take advantage of the “Gym” days to get fit for the summer of 2014?

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I am one of those who has a theory: “why not do things little by little, starting beforehand, at your own pace, leaving behind the last minute rush?”. Well, this theory could be applied to all fields. In the field of gyms and physical preparation is a commandment.

Let no one think that they are going to get a body 10 for the summer starting to exercise in the month of April or May. Everything has its way and more when we talk about our body.

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My online personal trainer, since my beginnings in the gym world (6 years ago), has always told me that the best way to get a good physique is to go little by little, with perseverance as a partner. That’s why I ask you this question: “Why don’t you start taking care of yourself now, gradually and constantly, and not wait until the last months of spring?” Surely if you do the latter, the bull catches you, that is, you get nothing.

Do you have a personal trainer?

Of course! Whether you are new or have some experience, my advice is to go to personal trainers. The services offered by these certified professionals give us thousands of advantages over training in a traditional way.

Whether you are in the gym, group class or on your own. Personal trainers are trained to make training much easier for you since they are qualified to evaluate, prescribe and develop personalized training plans in a systematic, orderly and safe manner based on the objectives and needs of the client.

Having said this, my advice is that you start, from now, training and a good diet.

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