Myth or Reality? We uncover the legends about alopecia

Is alopecia a myth or a reality? At we wanted to answer this question that you have asked us on numerous occasions.

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Society has created a series of “urban legends” about everything related to alopecia. Is it bad to wash your hair every day? Does diet influence? Can hair gel make hair fall? Surely you have had some of these questions more than once, so we invite you to continue reading to uncover some myths that has analyzed about everything related to hair and its loss.

Urban legends or realities?

There are many of us who use gel in our day to day, but can daily use of it really cause hair loss? The answer is no, but it is recommended to keep the hair hygienically clean and in good condition.

Something that is surprising in the times in which we live is that there is still a belief that washing your hair every day is bad. The answer is clear, washing your hair daily is not bad, but it is essential to use shampoos that do not irritate the scalp, that are not excessively drying or greasing, and that allow easy combing.

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Finally, we make a small reference to food. Do you think diet influences hair loss? In this case it is possible. When there are nutritional deficiencies, hair can fall out temporarily. However, when a correct diet is resumed, the hair will grow again; If not, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist.

At first glance, there are many myths about alopecia in our daily lives. Therefore, if you have more questions, we invite you to visit a site with a lot of information on this subject:

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