More than a moisturizer: Total perfect by Biotherm Homme

Do you have tight, dry skin or just want your skin to be healthier and look more cared for? No matter the age, it is always essential to take care of the skin.

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In the video that we present below you will be able to see the effect that this cream causes among the female gender, what are the sensations that the softness with which your skin stays can cause you and, why not, have a laugh while you apply it. you see:

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Biotherm Homme Total Perfect is a moisturizing cream with which you can enjoy well-cared for, soft and healthy skin. The most interesting thing is that this type of cream is valid for any man regardless of his skin type or age, if it is rough, its tone is uneven or the pores are visible

Biotherm Homme defines it as a cream that offers more than basic hydration as it is composed of a regenerating aquatic complex that combines pure thermal plankton (which produces a calming sensation on the skin and regenerates it) with extract of the Mediterranean algae P. Pavonica (which gives special hydration to the skin and stimulates vital components of it)

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