Mid Fade Haircuts For Men 2022

Stylish and fresh, the “mid fade” or “medium fade” cut is a versatile haircut that matches every shape of hair face, age and occasion. Celebrities like David Beckham and Ryan Gosling are self-confessed fans of this type of cut, which is not surprising considering it’s the type of haircut that looks amazing on any male head. But within the cut itself we can find several styles. Let’s find out more about Men’s Mid Fade Cuts 2022.

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Wherever we look, one of the most popular haircuts in 2022 is the “mid fade” or medium fade cut in which the fade starts between the temples and ears to create a smooth transition towards the top. back and sides of the head. Apart from this, the “mid fade” is a type of cut that has dozens of variations with different textures, lengths and styles. All perfect for you and that we review below.

Mid Fade cut with very short hair

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If you’re in the mood for a change but the last thing you want is to comb your hair in the morning, opt for the medium-short fade. This “mid fade” style should be combined with shaved sides, but also, leaving the center part also quite short.

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Mid Fade cut with medium fall

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The mid-drop fade cut starts at the middle of the head and falls behind the ear, creating an exciting transition in the front and back. It’s a low-maintenance haircut, but it’s sure to give you a trendy look.

Mid Fade Cut with Side Parting


The classic haircut characteristic of each generation, this type of cut “mid fade”, is combined with shaved sides that are clean shaven but leaving the central part longer to be able to comb it to the side. If you have a tattoo design behind the ear, this is the perfect men’s hairstyle to wear it as it will be the perfect mix to combine your most elegant side with the most rebellious.

Mid Fade Cut with Parting and Raised


Medium gradient haircuts also work on long hair as we have seen in the previous example or as we see in this other proposal that is perfect for a professional but modern look at the same time. This haircut keeps the volume on top, so you don’t need more than an occasional visit to the salon to trim the ends. Apply some hair gel or mousse to your hand and brush your hair up and to the side for the best style.

Mid Fade cut and shaved


The bald shaved top fade involves shaving the hair on the bottom and creating contrast by shaving longer hair on top. A cut that looks great on everyone, but is especially striking if you have curly hair. In general, the mid fade with shaves starts at zero (or one, if you don’t want to cut too much from the beginning) and works up to a maximum of four.

Mid Fade cut with medium hair


If you want a sleek but maintenance-free cut, you can’t go wrong with this one. The medium fade haircut for short and medium hair is clean and natural, making it the perfect choice for men who want a classy and timeless style.

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Mid Fade Cut and Bowl Style


This is a great cut if you are looking for something different but without losing style. In this cut, only the sideburns and the nape of the neck are faded, keeping a clean line around the ear to create the bowl style that is so popular today.

Mid Fade cut for curly hair


Curly hair looks fantastic, but it can be a little hard to manage. With that said, we’ve got the key for you: By opting for a medium gradient, you can control precisely how much curl you want so you can keep your signature look, without the mess. For an interesting contrast, ask your barber to do a mid fade on the sides as well. This hairstyle looks best paired with a well-groomed beard.

Low Mid Fade Cut

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The medium low fade haircut is a little less dramatic than the higher mid fade and also more pronounced striking the perfect balance between detail and length. A sleek cut is seen on all men, giving you a clean and polished look.

Mid Fade Cut Long Fade On Top


A medium fade haircut but with a fade that is slightly longer on top emphasizes the length of your hair, regardless of your style. The medium fade combined with that longer length will make your haircut stand out, whether it’s straight, curly, spiky, or anything in between. Use some wax to build volume and keep your hair in place all day for maximum effect.

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Mid Fade cut for straight hair


Straight hair is the most versatile hair and gives you endless styling options. You can pair a medium fade haircut with anything from a quiff to a man bun, so you can always switch up your look when you get bored.

Mid Fade and Back Cut


With this haircut, all you have to do is comb your longer hair back. The slicked-back hair is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, while the medium fade gives it a youthful, contemporary feel. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can use a little wax for matte hair or a glossy gel to achieve the desired look.

High Curly Mid Fade Cut


A medium high fade haircut for curly hair starts higher up than other options, which is actually a pretty neat trick if you want to enhance your facial features and make your face look slimmer but also, to control the curls. Since the focus is on the top, this style works well not only with a natural curl but also wearing a quiff.

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