Are Mercadona condoms good and reliable?

Mercadona condoms. Are they good and reliable? When maintaining intimate relationships, it is always advisable to use condoms, in order not only to avoid pregnancy, but also to avoid contracting any sexually transmitted disease. For this reason, it will be good to choose condoms that guarantee safety and also, why not, comfort, and it seems that those of Mercadona are currently prevailing among the best sellers.

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We know that Mercadona stands out for its food products, and also its cosmetics and beauty creams, but can we say the same about its condoms? Yes, if we had to pay attention to how well they sell, although the truth is that to reach this conclusion, we have to analyze other issues as we are going to do in this post.

How are Mercadona condoms

Surely many of you when buying condoms think of brands like Control or Durex, which are the ones that tend to be more advertised and are more recommended, but the truth is that although these are totally reliable prophylactics, doubts arise time to find out if the same could be said of those who are in Mercadona, whose sales do not stop growing.

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For this reason, surely you will have doubts as to whether these condoms that are also sold at very cheap prices in all Mercadona supermarkets are 100% reliable and for this, we should inquire a little about who makes them and what is known about their composition.

As soon as you see these condoms, you will realize that they are not actually labeled with the Mercadona name, as is the case with many of the products in these supermarkets, but are actually called “ON”, so Finding out a little who this brand belongs to, we discovered that they are actually condoms that come from Japan, since they are manufactured by Okamoto, a Japanese company, which has been marketing condoms and sexual safety for more than 80 years.

In fact, the different brands of condoms that Okamoto sells and other safety products in intimate relationships are quite popular in Japan and are also the most sold and recommended.

How Mercadona condoms are made

With what has been mentioned so far, we can begin to remove taboos regarding Mercadona condoms, but resolve the issue of their manufacture. Maybe because of how cheap they are (we will see the prices later), you think that they should not be of very good quality, but the truth is that Okamoto uses a special latex compound that they themselves have developed which ensures pleasure. and safety at the same time.

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On the other hand, Mercadona condoms are subjected to various quality and safety tests. The first of all of them consists of passing an electronic pin, which is capable of detecting if there is any type of break in the condom. In the event that this is the case, the machine discards it so that only those that pass this test end up on sale.

In addition to this electronic pin, ON condoms undergo a waterproof test in which each condom is placed under a stream of water. In the event that the water passes through, the condom is discarded. Finally, we will also add that the condoms of this brand, which we find in Mercadona, are also subjected to different resistance and hardness tests

Mercadona condom prices

Once we have seen what Mercadona condoms are like and how they are made, we will have to know at what price they are sold. You can find different types of condoms with prices that vary between 3 and 6 euros. If you want to know them in detail they are the following:

  • Sensitive On condoms (Box of 12 units): 3.60 euros.
  • Textured stimulating On condoms (Box of 12 units): 3.60 euros.
  • Fun On colored and scented condoms (Box of 6 units): 2 euros.
  • On natural condoms (Box of 12 units): 3.30 euros.
  • Hydro’s On latex-free condoms (Box of 10 units): 6.50 euros. They are condoms that many describe as “vegan” since they are made without latex that can affect people who have allergies.
  • On XL dimension condoms (Box of 12 units): 4.80 euros

With all of the above, more than one may then opt for Mercadona condoms, but we will have to solve the question that gives our post its title: are they reliable?

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Mercadona condoms are they reliable?

Once we have told you in detail about Mercadona condoms, we will have to decide whether or not they are reliable. A priori, taking into account the company that manufactures them, which is also one of the best valued in all of Asia, we can say that they would be completely reliable, but the price is what can make many hesitate when buying them. .

How can it be that quality condoms are sold for just over four or five euros on average, when those of other brands such as Dúrex or Control are usually around ten euros? Are the more expensive ones better?

In the consumer market, and we do not want to focus the issue solely on condoms, we know that price is no longer indicative of quality. You can buy a jacket at Primark that is just as good as one bought at Mango. The price difference lies in other issues, such as the country of production, or also how much or little the brand is promoted.

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In the case of Dúrex and Control condoms (and we mention them because they are the best-known brands), we have to talk about large advertising campaigns that in the long run have an impact on the price. In the case of Mercadona condoms, this does not happen, because basically they are not advertised anywhere and that is why they can be cheaper. In addition, in your case, the fact that they are manufactured in Japan would also make them much cheaper.

It would be said then that Mercadona condoms would indeed be reliable in all aspects.

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