Men’s haircuts, toupees are in fashion in 2021

The toupee is the hairstyle par excellence that has been most popular fashion in recent years. The “bad boy” style has managed to become the most used haircut by men and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to be a trend for 2021.

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In fact, it is a type of hairstyle that is coming back with great force. This new year the toupee will once again give a lot to talk about and that is why we tell you something more about it and how you have to do it to bring it to the last during the next year.

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As with all trending hairstyles, toupees have an expiration date. However, his turn has not come, so we will see him a lot on the streets of our cities. How much do you bet that you see more than one and more than two when you go outside?

Trends in toupees 2021

However, before launching into the toupee, it is convenient to know what type of hairstyle suits you best, according to your type of face. A simple verification that will help you to know the look that favors you the most and the toupee that best suits you.

Although it may not seem like it, there are many types of toupees that we can wear. There are those of a classic style, those that have a certain disheveled effect or those that are currently most popular and in which the closely shaved sides predominate. This type of hairstyle that we call “toupee”, we may also find it as the “pompadour” style since it is with this word that the hairstyle with high hair and shorter sides is defined.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore something that has made us very curious and that is that almost all men who choose to wear toupees also wear them with beards, which by the way are also a trend. It’s not that wearing a toupee and a beard is mandatory, but the truth is that the combination between the two is perfect, don’t you think?

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Photo: @marcosllorente

To wear a toupee we have to say that some patience is necessary, either to get the necessary length and also some practice, although nothing is impossible. If you do not dare with this hairstyle, whatever the circumstances, today I am going to give you 5 basic tips with which you will get the perfect toupee. Cheer up!

5 basic tips for the perfect toupee

If you have curly or very rough or dry hair and you want to have a good toupee, I advise you to read the following article: Keratin Straightening for Men.

I have to start by telling you that for this type of hairstyle you need to have more or less long hair. Like the boy in the first photograph. That’s why I explain:

What is the ideal length of the toupee?

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Without a suitable cut in proportions and length it is almost impossible to achieve a good result. The haircut should be progressive, that is, very short on the sides and on the nape of the neck and as we move towards the top of the head it should grow in length.

The best thing is that your stylist advises you but I would say that the center cannot be shorter than five or ten centimeters. Think that the greater the amount and length of hair, the better you can comb it and achieve the desired toupee.

Prepare hair or hair

For the toupee to look good and not fall apart in the first half hour we have to give volume to our hair and prepare it beforehand.

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  1. Wash your hair
  2. Dry with the towel, pulling your hair back.
  3. Blow-dry with your head facing the floor and move your hands from bottom to top to give volume.
  4. You can use the hair straightener.

To style an authentic toupee of those that are currently worn, the use of the dryer and the iron are the key. First we dry the hair as I tell you and then we take all the hair and iron it upwards. Then you take a good comb and comb it backwards so that it is “bulged” as we see in the photos. Finally we fix with lacquer and it will be ready.


To then achieve the hairstyle that I am explaining to you, and as I said before, the volume is very important for the perfect toupee finish. For this section, I recommend volumizing mousses (little more than the size of a walnut). These will be the best ally to give consistency to the hairstyle. Apply the foam from the middle to the ends creating gaps through your hair so that your hair gains volume.


Now we are going to shape our toupee and give it the personal touch that will distinguish us from the rest of the “bad boys”. Let your forehead hairs point towards the sky if you have a round face or towards the side if you have a long face.

If you don’t know what kind of face you have, in this post we help you with it:

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  • How to know the type of face you have.

Take the dryer and with the help of the round-tipped brush we comb our toupee at the same time that we use the dryer. Then you do the ironing that I have indicated. Everything up and it will only be left to comb and fix.

Wax as a final touch

For your hair to hold everything you need, we recommend the use of hair wax. After completely dry hair and without abusing the product. We will outline our hairstyle with the tips of our fingers.

Although if you don’t like wax, you can use hairspray to make your toupee last as long as possible. With these tips you will achieve a perfect toupee, yes or yes.

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Who can you be inspired by for your toupee haircut?

As we told you, the toupee has become very fashionable again, but like everything else, they have also evolved over time. First it was the classic Elvis Presley toupee, then the eighties Loquillo or Makinavaja toupees. Now toupees are back in trend, but also among the most famous people, in fact some well-known artists, soccer players or models have made them fashionable again.

Photo: @peluqueria-laribera

We show you some well-known characters who have opted for the toupee recently and who could inspire you to find your own style.

Among singers, the toupee is still a fairly recurring hairstyle and some of them wear it with a lot of style. One of those who bet on him is David Bustamante.

Photo: @princelion97

Among the foreign artists who also regularly wear a toupee and who you might notice is Bruno Mars, one of the most successful singers in 2021. Even Justin Bieber has long opted for the toupee! Now, you don’t have to be famous to plant a toupee and, why not, some blonde highlights in it.

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Photo: @marvisbarbershop

Another of those who wear a toupee, and who in this case have made it a true banner of their image is the Spanish model Jon Kortajarena, one of the most sought-after in the world. The truth is that your toupee must be one of the most perfect of the moment, irresistible. Also in the field of fashion, but in this case as a stylist, the toupee by Pelayo Díaz, the Asturian adviser to the ‘Cámbiame’ program, is also becoming very trending, in this case with a straighter toupee.

We also know that many footballers are very fond of fashion and going to the latest in terms of hairstyles (some of them too trendy). Some of them we have seen (and still wear) recently with a toupee, among them Sergio Ramos and David Beckham

Photo: @labarberiademadrid

It is true that practically all hairstyles suit the former English player, but the truth is that the toupee favors him especially. The same can be said of Serio Ramos, who clearly succeeded in leaving behind his long-haired adolescent look, not to mention his experiments with dyeing himself blonde and the like.

Photo: @lordsandbarbers

In any case, when choosing a toupee you must take into account the type of hair you have and how it can look better on you, more or less long, disheveled, very groomed, combed back. You can be inspired by well-known or famous quiffs, not necessarily current ones, such as Elvis Presley’s or Rockabilly artists from the 50s (remember that the quiff originated in this era) and find your own style.

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Ideas for wearing a toupee in 2021

Now let’s see other proposals on how to wear a toupee in 2021. We start with a cut and hairstyle that is perhaps the current great trend for men who want to wear a toupee in 2021, since we show you an image in which the sides they are really shaved, practically to zero, while the middle part is all combed back.

This “look” from the “undercut” is the way in which many young people understand the toupee today

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On the other hand, current toupees can also be worn with curly hair. If you have curls like these that you see above, we show you that it is a type of hairstyle that you can wear without problem, although yes, to get a “look” like this you will need your stylist to cut the sides a little, while in the central zone you leave the hair longer.

Photo: @moibarber

You must style your curls so that they give you more volume than ever. It looks like a slightly disheveled quiff, and it’s actually a very modern style that even men with straight hair will like.

Another idea that we give you is to be inspired by the oldest toupees. A “retro” style will be the key to looking trendy during 2021 so that for your hair, you can choose a hairstyle like this one that we see above. Shaved sides and only the front part of the hair is worn up.

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Photo: @alberto-valenciano

To do this you must use the iron and then comb with a round brush. Remember that only the front area is raised while the hair is somewhat shorter in the back and with this you will achieve a toupee that looks a lot like the ones worn by Elvis and company.

Here you have another image in which the inspiration of the classic toupee is the key to getting it right. It is a very high quiff, inspired by the old rockers and with a large amount of hair. Here there is no room for extreme shaves or indeed bare sides as these also have much more volume. This will undoubtedly be one of the most inspiring “looks” for men who wish they could wear a good toupee in 2021.

Hairstyles with toupee for men according to your hair

The men’s toupee hairstyles according to your hair vary more than we think. It’s not worth taking the lacquer, wrapping the blanket around your head and wearing a toupee. At least if you want to go perfect. Each moment has its eagerness and each hair has its toupee. Thus, whoever has curly hair cannot expect a toupee from someone who has it straight. The same goes for long and short hair, even if that’s straight out of the box.

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Photo: @modaporcinoman2.0

Be that as it may, men’s toupee hairstyles according to your hair, it is better to know which one suits you best and save yourself a horrible ridicule. And it is that a toupee is not a minor thing. It’s more, it’s a bigger thing. For example, there are those who choose to leave the toupee on point, without getting too complicated and wearing a classic toupee, without much history but, on occasions, very flattering.

Hairstyles with toupee for men with short hair

Toupee hairstyles for men with short hair are the easiest to style. They do not lose their seduction capacity for this. And it is that short hair, although it may not seem like it, continues to give a lot of play. In this case, we have a modern cut, disheveled and paraded. The option to choose is clear.

Photo: @servetru

The tip toupee, forward and assuming the reins of the entire hairstyle. To give it shape, better than gel or foam, we use wax or lacquer. Both will give you a more natural look

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Another great option for quiff hairstyles for men with short hair is to take advantage of the side parting and let the quiff do the talking. In this case, gel by means of, we give a little wave to the Tintin. The end result is an adorable rascal look that you’ll fall in love with.

Another very recurring alternative in recent years is to combine the undercut with the toupee, leaving the bangs somewhat longer. This look requires wearing your hair combed and fixed almost at all times because, if the toupee falls out, the effect of the bangs being longer than the rest of the hair will be a bit strange. The good thing is that being short, you will comb it and tame it very quickly.

Photo: @moibarber-05

Although if we want fixation, we can opt for this futuristic look that includes a very high quiff, radical undercut, side parting and tons of gel. Obviously, if you want to keep this look always perfect, you must go to the hairdresser every week. Looking at the result, it’s clearly worth it.

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Photo: @morenochavarria

Hairstyles with toupee for men with long hair

For men’s toupee hairstyles with long hair, you have to play a lot with hairspray and comb. Joe Keery, the famous Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, has given two master classes in each season of the series. In the photo, we see him with bangs that mix straight and wavy.

First, we straighten the hair completely and let it fall to the sides. Second, with a curling iron, we shape the bangs. In order for it to take flight and stay, we have to apply lacquer to it as if there were no tomorrow. Result? You will be the MVP of the fashion series. Does that seem little to you?

Another of the mythical toupee hairstyles for men with long hair is Kenickie’s. The late Jeff Conaway made half the world, at the end of the 70s, imitate him. Now this trend is back in fashion. And it is that the hair of the actor in Grease deceives. It’s longer than it seems but it has a trick.

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If we look closely, the sides are glued to the limit and backwards. Sensation of speed and transfer of all the prominence to the toupee. A toupee that is parted in the middle but that joins in the center, forming an infinite spiral. In fact, in one of the most iconic images of the film, we see how Kenickie combs his hair, to call it something.

Photo: @irigaraypico

Currently, one of the most used options for a toupee with long hair is to throw everything back and give volume to the part of the toupee. The wave effect is very flattering, and can be worn at any age.

Hairstyles with toupee for men with straight hair

Toupee hairstyles for men with straight hair are also quite manageable. Straight hair is a blessing for anyone looking to tame a hair. Obviously, whoever has straight hair should take advantage of it and wear a toupee whenever possible.

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Photo: @feelthelive

In this case, hairstyles with toupees for men with straight hair combine the classic with the groundbreaking. Namely. This young man has his parting on one side and all his hair covering his scalp in one direction. This is what we call the classic part. But of course, then we reached the forehead and found infinite bangs, the kind that takes half an hour to comb.

If you want to take less time, you have it easy. First of all, when you get out of the shower, let your hair air dry. While you’re getting dressed and such, it will have dried somewhat but not completely. It is the point we want. Let it be damp but not wet, or soaked. At that moment you take the curling comb, the hair dryer and the hairspray. From the roots to the ends you are waving while you dry at the same time. The result is this spectacular toupee that can last you all day unblemished.

Another alternative to quiff hairstyles for men with straight hair is the very fashionable hairstyle pulled back and to the side. A hairstyle for the brave, since it implies a total shave on the sides and not everyone is prepared for it. At the top, the toupee goes as high as it can. It will hold with the gel that we put on it. And it is that, in this case, the hair gel is the best travel companion because we will have to fix a large amount.

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Hairstyles with toupee for men with curly hair

Toupee hairstyles for men with curly hair are not easy. Curly hair, in many cases, is unruly. However, with some skill and, as is the case with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), with the help of Farrah Fawcett hairspray, something can be done. And it is that the protagonist of Stranger Things (Netflix) gave a whole lesson in style in the second season of the series.

Pushed sides, raised quiff but with a long, curly lock falling in front of the face. A hairstyle that we haven’t seen for a long time, but that still looks great. Obviously, the series is set in the 80s, but nowadays it wouldn’t be out of place.

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Photo: @barberiadejesus

Although if we have very curly hair, we have the option of leaving it very short and faded on the sides, fixing the attention on a toupee that we will tame with lacquer or wax but that we will let it take its wavy shape taking it to one side .

Another similar option but with less hair would be to wear the sides, instead of glued, shaved. In such a case, to deal with toupee hairstyles for men with curly hair we will do the same as Dustin. That is to say, a raised toupee but a lock, in this case a giant one, falling on the forehead.

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