Men’s haircuts for weddings 2022

What do we want with men’s haircuts for weddings 2022? Simply, that the most special day of your life is perfect. To do this, we offer you a tremendous range of possibilities to choose the look that you will wear at the altar. Men’s haircuts for weddings 2022 are not only the trends this year, but they will give you ideas even for the suit.

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The best men’s haircuts for weddings

And it is that the best men’s haircuts for weddings, not only mark style on the day of the ‘Yes, I do’, they can mark a before and after in your life. Entering the married club with a renewed and flattering look is like being a boss.

Photo: @sir-efex

However, before making a decision for the most important day of your life, you should know which haircut suits your face best. When you know it, it will be much easier to find the perfect cut. With that said, take a look and decide which of the best men’s haircuts for weddings suits you best.

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The best men’s haircuts for weddings | Very short hair

We start with a renewed classic: very short hair. Of course, without forgetting that we are in 2022 and the classics are a thing of the past. The best men’s haircuts for weddings can be short and very modern. As is the case.

Photo: @rion-official-page

If anything, then fix it a little more than usual with some wax, gel or lacquer. However, short hair is usually a great ally for the bridal look.

If in your day to day you wear a groundbreaking and risky look, why change it on your wedding day. On the contrary, boost it as much as you can. You are the king of the party. Take advantage of it, in this case, capillarly speaking. And it is that the alternative of shaving the sides at 2 and leaving the upper part smooth and forward, is amazing. Imagine the photos of the link with the futuristic look of the groom. One pass.

Photo: @photobyzdenka

The best men’s haircuts for weddings | Undercut

Obviously, among the best men’s haircuts for weddings, the undercut could not be missing. One of the most used jokers when getting married. The reason? It works on all levels. Elegant, informal, religious, civil weddings… The undecut is the most versatile hairstyle in the world. How can indecisive boyfriends not exploit it.

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Photo: @weddingday-one-day

Depending on the length of the upper area, this undercut will allow certain licenses. In this case, with a considerable length, we can combine the hair back with an elegant, modern and current toupee that feels great.

The undercut is as simple as shaving the sides, usually very short, and leaving the top short. In this case, we would play with it. From wearing it on end, to combing it backwards or, as in the photo, if you have very curly hair, leave it up, so that your hair itself waves.

The best men’s haircuts for weddings | toupee

To say that the toupee is fashionable in the wedding world, is to fall short. And it is that it is one of the best men’s haircuts for weddings and one of the most demanded. The reason is none other than the simple combination of elegance and modernity that it gives to the groom. Keeps the forms of a solemn act but gives personality and the touch of a legendary hairstyle.

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Photo: @victormdferreira

If you opt for the toupee, hairspray and fixation are key, especially if we want it to last beyond the ceremony. Keep in mind that from when you comb your hair until the end of the day, it can take up to 12 hours (depending on the hours of open bar contracted).

In this case, you just have to comb your hair back, after shaving the sides. In the case of the bangs, we use the brush, the hairspray and the patience, until it remains what it is, one of the best men’s haircuts for weddings

Photo: @manufacture-wedding

The best men’s haircuts for weddings | Bangs and dye

If you can’t dye yourself on your wedding day, you never will. In the best men’s haircuts for weddings, how could it be otherwise, there is room for dyes. In that case, the alternative is somewhat flashy but cute and flashy. Who will all eyes turn to when they show you the 1,000 wedding photos)

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Photo: @shootmaker

If we want something discreet, elegant and very current, we can opt for a natural dye that covers the gray hairs that are already showing (if they do, but without putting the dye on the sides. The effect with the undercut is ideal, especially if you combine it with a beard that, a priori, will make a white contrast with the upper part. Gianluca Vialli approves.

The alternative used in the photo combines the undercut with a tremendous crest and the chicken blonde dye. That said, everyone at their wedding goes as they want.

The best men’s haircuts for weddings | backwards

If there is one of the best men’s haircuts for weddings that has not been negotiable for years, it is that of combed back hair. Yes, it is very used. Yes, it is hackneyed like few others. Yes, it messes up quickly, but it’s still used and will stay that way for years.

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Photo: @gabrielchowfotografo

When fixing the hair back we have two simple options. The first is to use mousse, lacquer or any fixing element that does not leave the hair weighed down. The other option is to collect the hair in a ponytail, a bun or a simple updo with which we can move comfortably during the celebration.

In this case, the sides are at a safe distance and the hair, lacquered, glued to the back as if it were a doll.

The best men’s haircuts for weddings | Hipster

If hipster is already part of our lives, how can it not be on your wedding day. What’s more, in any store specialized in suits, you will have tremendous hipster alternatives to combine with your total look. However, we will focus on the hair, leaving the rest of the look to other professionals.

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Photo: @umbro-dude

A manual undercut, bangs to one side, black suit, white shirt and red accessories. If you want to rock your wedding day, take note of this total look because it’s amazing.

Among the best men’s haircuts for hipster weddings, we are left with a classic that everyone likes. With the short sides, but with scissors, we play with the upper area, which we comb with a false part so as not to stagger the hair. Meanwhile, the bangs take an impossible wave that you will have to twist often, as it will fall under its own weight. Now, it will be worth it.

The best men’s haircuts for weddings | Hat

Why not? Who says that the best men’s haircuts for weddings cannot include accessories. If we wear a flower on our lapel or a pin in our tie, why not wear another accessory on our heads? Obviously, it would have to be adapted to the suit, but the problem would be easy to solve.

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Photo: @brauthaus-pluess

And whoever thinks that a cap or a hat is not suitable for your wedding day, is that they have not seen one in their life. The distinctive touch they give is tremendous and, in addition, it can be a great ally for grooms who do not have too much hair.

What’s more, if your hat falls like the model in the photo, don’t even take it off all year. The touch of elegance, exclusivity and distinction that it brings to your look will make it one of the best men’s haircuts for weddings, without even having to show your hair. Of course, for what may happen, you see your wedding hairstyle, because the hat will not last long on your head and you need a plan B. You know, hair gel by the bag so that your hair underneath remains spotless.

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