Men’s Glasses: Trends for this 2021

At Modaellos we want to talk to you now about glasses for men, both those that they use to see and those that you can never miss, such as complement, those of sun. We talk about designs, brands and trends.

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Glasses for men, in the same way as for women, are no longer presented in frames that are always similar, but like any other accessory, in some cases essential, they have seasonal collections and designs that the firms launch, creating trends that we later see reflected in campaigns and store windows.

Styles in glasses for men

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  • Classic style: The frames with a simple style, and that we can also find of a quite reasonable size will be “classic” frames or that in fact have been on the market for years. It is not necessary to choose a brand to find them, because the truth is that they are present in many, as is the case, photo above, of Calvin Klein. This style is suitable for both young men and older men as they combine with everything. In recent years, the simplest glasses have also been distinguished by having a design in which the lenses are quite rectangular and the frame is very thin.
    Modern style: In recent years, glasses have been greatly modernized in terms of designs and colors, and although we can say that in the case of sun frames we will find a wide variety of these; In the case of glasses for reading or seeing, we have to say that a trend has been created to “revise” classic designs that have always been worn to impregnate them with a new air or style. This is how we can find the “stud glasses” of a lifetime but with prints like this leopard print that we see above and that are from the Versace brand.
    “Nerd” style: We come to what is undoubtedly the great trend for men as far as glasses are concerned. The “nerd” style is in fashion and one of the accessories or elements that distinguishes it are glasses, which are also worn by men who don’t even need them. Although years ago the “nerd” (something like the “class nerds”), were the most ridiculous, now they are fashionable. The design of this frame is distinguished by being quite large.

We could really find many other styles, or in fact designs and models of glasses, but the truth is that in addition to the shape that they have in many cases we can confuse it with trends and that they are nothing more than the models that are now most popular carry.

Trends in glasses for men

    Large frames: There is a trend that is growing more and more in matters of glasses and that is to have a large frame. The truth is that in the case of women this tendency occurs much more; but they also do not resist seeing a large part of their face covered and they usually do it with models that are very dark.

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    Small frames: Another trend, and completely contrary to what was previously seen, is to use glasses that are small frames. If you have a long face and also something small, they are ideal, we can also find it in a variety of designs in terms of color and patterns.
    “Vintage” designs: Designs that recover the classic style, or “vintage”, are in fashion and are the great trend, especially in sunglasses. Series like “Mad Men” have made this “fever” for glasses of this style fashionable and that we will find from various brands.

I leave you a photo gallery of glasses for men

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