Men’s swimsuits Calzedonia 2022

Calzedonia is perhaps one of the best-known fashion brands when it comes to everything that is intimate clothing and socks, and also in summer they are filled with new designs in swimwear from which we now discover their masculine proposals for this season. Next, at Modaellos, Calzedonia 2022 men’s swimwear.

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When we go to the store, we often don’t bother to try on a swimsuit because it’s almost completely naked, and often we buy it without trying it on. On the other hand, wearing baggy panties can also make it impossible to know exactly how you’ll feel when you try them on, so if you’re shopping for a swimsuit, try wearing tight-fitting shorts to see if they flatter your figure. . Another option is to buy swimwear from an online store, a practical possibility that allows you to take the time to see what it is like to be at home.

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In this sense, although it is a simple outfit, it is still necessary to spend some time in front of the mirror, looking back and forward, left and right. Many times we forget about the back, which is usually the part where we can get the most out of it.

The 2022 men’s swimsuits that Calzedonia proposes are mostly quite sober swimsuits that contrast with some proposals from other firms, and in which the striking prints were the main protagonists. In the case that concerns us now, it seems to be the opposite, although we still find models in striking tones such as red or blue.

Calzedonia men’s swimwear 2022

There are many things to consider when considering your summer wardrobe, but most importantly thinking about buying a new pair of swim shorts. Here you will find swimsuits if you are at the beach or pool. You can’t start summer without a swimsuit. The possibilities of use are endless: on the beach while practicing your water sports.

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Don’t wear the same pair every day! Make sure everyone has enough options for Summer activities. All of our swimsuits are designed with stretch fabric and an elastic waist for comfort. so you can easily adjust his shorts for a snug fit. Choice is important too, shape your swimsuit carefully for optimal fit and comfort. Choose between different styles and feel the freedom of traveling with Calzedonia. Don’t wait too long to find out and choose the best and you will see why Calzedonia is the perfect swimwear brand

Although men’s swimwear has been characterized for years by having a clear trend towards tighter models, such as “slips”, we cannot say that this trend is now at its best, or at least not for brands like Calzedonia. Although in the past 2018 it seemed that the “slips” returned with force, for this summer, the swimsuits will be more of the “boxer” type or a short that, as we see in the image above, you will only see fitted when you get into the pool. water and get wet.

Calzedonia bets on the other hand, for colors that set the trend although many consider that they are somewhat sober, such as black, navy blue, although following the latest color trends in fashion, it also “gets carried away” by other trends such as slightly more striking tones. Hence, we can find short bermuda shorts in shades like green (or like the red on the cover image).

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The long shorts are perhaps the main protagonists of this collection and in fact they always come in handy so that you can go to the beach and at the same time get into the water, without having to wear much more clothes.

Now that’s right, despite being comfortable, and being quite functional, and that Calzedonia also launches them in all kinds of colors, surely more than one of you will need to have something more swimwear tight and actually much more comfortable. Short Bermuda shorts that also have some of the fashion prints in this 2022.

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Maybe you can opt for Bermuda shorts that are somewhat shorter, of the “short” type and that you can also take both to move around the beach and to get into the water. As for colors and designs, Calzedonia continues to play it safe in this case, and once again presents us with somewhat sober tones such as blue. Of course, swimwear for boys deserves a special mention, and it is also very present in this catalogue.

I must say that it is perhaps in children’s swimsuits, where Calzedonia takes the most risks when it comes to colors and patterns. Much more than for men, because if for them he seems to have created completely muted shorts in terms of tones, for the youngest, he has opted for the opposite and we can find all kinds of shorts, somewhat long, and with such striking prints like this one that we see in the image above and even others that are more “tropical”.

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In short, the firm launches a successful collection, but without great “risks” as far as men’s swimwear is concerned. Not that you can achieve great creations from shorts, but it is clear that this type of fashion is in need of some urgent renovation.

Photogallery of Calzedonia 2022 men’s swimsuits

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