Male Aesthetics: Fridda Dorsch

Until relatively recently, body care based on compounds, creams and shaves was an exclusively off-limits area for women. With the appearance of the metrosexual man, it began to be more accepted that men also pamper themselves and take care of their bodies in an integral way; some choosing traditional men’s products more carefully, and others directly appropriating hair lotions, anti-wrinkle creams and other cosmetic elements.

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The metrosexual is left behind and now ubersexual men are beginning to emerge who openly dedicate a lot of time to their body care. Finally, socially it has been admitted that the care of the male body is more a question of health than of aesthetics. Having wrinkles that can be corrected with cosmetic products or clinical treatments is giving much more joy to life.

The demand for cosmetic products by men is such that cosmetic firms have specific divisions for men’s care where their researchers experiment with new products that meet the needs of men, until recently, I mean us men, reluctant to use cosmetic products.

Fridda Dorsch is a leading company when it comes to male care. Its products with a wise mix of aloe, hexapeptides, plant extracts and algae have created products that hydrate and care for men’s skin. Dead cells will never accumulate on our face again thanks to the brand’s exfoliating cream. Another of the most popular products is Perfect Shave, a transparent shaving gel that, due to its special formulation, prevents cuts in difficult areas of the beard.

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