Makeup for men: The steps and tricks to improve your appearance

Makeup is a beauty tool that, for reasons of use, is associated with women. Nothing is further from reality. Men can not only put on makeup, but also have a wide line of brands that manufacture specific products for them. Today we talk about Men’s Makeup: The steps and tricks to improve your appearance

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It goes back when makeup was associated with men in the entertainment world and some people considered that everyone who used makeup was somewhat effeminate.

Luckily, these prejudices have been left behind and today a man who puts on makeup and takes care of himself is a model of a man who is concerned about his appearance, which has become so important today, and who likes it. take care. Makeup makes us take advantage of it and hide imperfections, highlighting our natural beauty.

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Increasingly, we have more makeup firms that release makeup products for the male sector: Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Jean Paul Gaultier are the best-known examples. But we must be careful, we do not have the necessary experience, because for makeup to be done correctly, practice is needed to achieve the desired objective.

We must not forget that the best makeup is the one that remains naturally and flatters us, enhancing our strengths but that the makeup is totally discreet, so that it is not noticeable that we are wearing it.

A good make-up and its correct application can help us to have a much more uniform skin, hide our imperfections and provide a much healthier and more natural appearance to our skin. However, to achieve this goal we must prepare our skin. Wash our faces and especially use moisturizing cream.

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Differences between makeup for men and women

The first thing we must clarify are the differences between makeup for men and women. In the end, women concentrate 99% of makeup products on the market, and that 1% cannot be similar because the skin and the way of applying it are not the same in men and women. In fact, the objectives of each genre are different.

  • Objective – As far as women are concerned, the options are so wide that they can be applied from a discreet makeup, to one that attracts a lot of attention. In the case of men, in general, something natural is sought. A makeup that looks healthy, uniform and that does not leave areas more recharged than others. Basically, improve the appearance without being too noticeable.
  • Needs of the skin – When it comes to skin, that of men and women is usually very different. Hence the importance of differentiating cosmetics between genders, as well as the way to apply it. Basically, men’s skin generates more collagen, follicles and sebaceous glands, that is, men’s skin is less sensitive and can withstand more aggressive products than women’s feet.
  • Fragrance – In men’s cosmetics, it is recommended that products be fragrance-free. On the contrary, in the women’s sector, most products do incorporate some fragrance.
  • Multifunction – Like it more or less, men do not have the experience of women when it comes to putting on makeup. For this reason, everything that can be provided is an advantage. For this, it is best to use products with several functions: anti-aging cream with sun protection, moisturizing makeup base… For their part, women prefer each product to have a function and to combine all the ones they need. The make-up ritual is sacred to many of them.
  • Price – It is reality. Women’s cosmetics are much more expensive than men’s. In some cases, prices are doubled.

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  • Variety – We have commented before, the proportion can be 99% of products for women and 1% for men. It is logical, because men’s makeup is something recent but it is taking a while to break into the market
  • Target – When buying women’s makeup, the age at which each product is directed is well reflected and differentiated. A 20-year-old skin is not the same as a 60-year-old skin. In the case of makeup for men, there is no such difference and the scarcity of products is added to the scarcity of specific products.

That said, the more taboos men break with makeup, the fewer differences there will be between one makeup and another. A task with respect to the price, but all advantages in the rest of the differences.

Perfect cosmetics for men’s makeup

Within the wide world of cosmetics, there are many that are specialized for men and for their peculiarities, such as bearded skin.

Makeup base

Makeup bases have the same function in a man as in a woman, giving all our skin the same color and appearance. The main difference between the two is that men’s skin is somewhat more oily. We recommend the Garnier BB Cream.

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  • Garnier BB Cream


Concealer can be very important for men. Because it will not only help us fight our dark circles, but it can help us to cover some scars. The best concealer is Menaji’s.

  • Menaji’s Corrector

Brow Fixer

There are no notable differences here, the only thing is that men have more hair on their eyebrows. To wear your eyebrows well, the best product you can buy is the same one that a family member or friend might use. In this case, we recommend the LÓreal Brow Artist pencil.

  • Brow Artist by L’Oreal

Mattifying powders

Mattifying powders, both in men and women, serve to keep our makeup intact for longer and to show a better finished appearance, and it also helps us control our skin colors and shine. Within the entire range of mattifying powders, we recommend Max Factor.

  • Max Factor mattifying powders

Makeup brands for men

Although in the previous section we have named some of the brands that you can use, we are going to tell you some different ones so that you have more possibilities to choose and more in a market, that of men’s makeup, which is still growing. These are the main makeup brands for men

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If you are looking for a brand that has special care and concern for men’s cosmetics, Clinique is the perfect one for you, because it has a line that ranges from moisturizing creams to self-tanner.


Guerlain is one of the most exclusive makeup and cosmetics stores of all. Its products, of the highest quality, are highly appreciated among make-up artists and people dedicated to fashion. It does not have products that are made exclusively for men, but this is simple, its products are so good and different from the rest that they do not need to create two different ones to differentiate between men and women.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier is a renowned French designer who not only has his own clothing brand, but also collaborates with the perfumery and cosmetics company Puig, where he has his own line, one that is more aimed at the male sector.

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Yves Saint Laurent

This luxury brand not only has cosmetics and perfumes, but also clothes for both men and women. While clothing is very different between the genders, makeup products are not the same.

Steps to take into account in makeup

1. Skin hydration

With completely clean skin, apply the moisturizer you use regularly. The hydration of the skin becomes the base of everything and they will make the makeup to be done correctly.

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Previously, it is convenient that we have cleaned the face with a quality facial cleanser. To do this, rub the cleanser in circular motions and wash off with lukewarm water to remove dead skin cells. Pat dry, do not rub.

2. Use Corrector

The concealer is ideal for camouflaging dark circles, bags and unsightly pimples. Choose one that is one shade lighter than your skin to avoid the “mask effect”.

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3. Sun Powder

They will give us a color that will appear healthy, helping us to be more tanned. Sun powder is a key piece to give uniformity to the color of our face. These powders must be matte and apply evenly, leaving no corner of our face unapplied, especially at the beginning of the neck. Use a large brush with strong bristles.

To complete, we will use a lip protector or repairer that prevents the lips from remaining dry and is hydrated. The lip balm will not only soften the tone of the lips, but will act as a defense so that they are not damaged or cracked by external agents.

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Once out of the steps to follow, I have to tell you that: Surely the first time you put on makeup it will not look good on you, so you should practice at home, if you don’t like the result you can completely wash your face and start over.

And what do you think about makeup for men? Do you dare with him?

Men’s makeup tutorial

We show you step by step how you should do your makeup if you are a man or, if you are a woman, how you can do your boy’s makeup. The girls sure have a lot more practice, but there’s sure to be a guy who’s still a bit lost.

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The first step is to cleanse the entire face well and apply a moisturizer to the face. It should be an oil-free, glitter-free cream. We put a little on the forehead, nose and cheeks and spread it gently with the fingertips, making circular movements and trying to distribute it correctly throughout the face.

We finished hydrating the face by applying a little concealer in the eye area. This concealer helps us hide dark circles and puffiness, which are so unsightly and give the feeling of tiredness or boredom. With the concealer for dark circles, you don’t need to put a lot of it, just a little and distribute it well around the eyes and especially under the lower eyelid, which is where bags and dark circles appear.

We apply the makeup or moisturizer of the desired color, trying to distribute it well and that the whole face is of a uniform color, without spots or unworked areas. Also distribute some makeup on the lower part of the chin and neck (especially for those more “beardless” guys) so that the difference in color is not so obvious. Then we remove the shine with setting powder.

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To continue working on the eyes, we can also define the eyelids with a pencil and apply a layer of transparent mascara. We can continue with the lips using a lip repairer that gives them more shine and volume and hides the effect of dry lips. You can complement the makeup of the eyes and the face in general with a correct plucking of the eyebrows and combing them, always in the direction of hair growth.

Regarding brands, try to get as much information as possible about the products, look for user opinions on the internet to make sure that it is a brand and a product of proven quality and always choose the products with the best value for money and that do not be aggressive with your skin.

We hope that with this little tutorial you have learned to put on a little better makeup and get more out of it. To finish we leave you with a video and some links of interest to complement the INFO of the article, we hope that you have enough with this!

Video: Makeup for men

In the following video you can see more tips and instructions to achieve perfect makeup if you are a man. And remember, don’t let anyone tell you that makeup is exclusively for girls. Times have changed!

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