Lionel Messi’s tattoos [Photos] How many does he have and their meaning

Lionel Messi is one of the most successful footballers in the world the world, but he is also a man whose followers imitate his style, hairstyles, and also who really likes tattoos. Let’s see below, Lionel Messi’s tattoos [Photos] How many he has and their meaning.

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The FC Barcelona player is a fan of tattoos. And just like other celebrities, like Lebron James, wear them basically out of love for his family and his profession. Let’s see what they are and what they mean.

Lionel Messi’s tattoos [Photos] How many does he have and their meaning

The young prodigy of FC Barcelona Lionel Messi is a highly talented footballer, having won the Ballon d’Or awarded by FIFA up to five times in the last ten years and winner of the Golden Boot up to six times. Like most of his professional colleagues, he has not resisted the fashion of wearing tattoos either. Not being a footballer who stands out particularly for his escapades or his strong character, Lionel Messi has preferred to show tattoos closer to his values, very simple, related to the family.

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In this way, Lionel Messi has an infinite number of tattoos on his skin, concentrated in areas such as his legs and arms, so that we can see what they are and what they mean.

Antonella’s eye

Messi’s bicep is adorned with an eye tattoo corresponding to that of his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, who has known the star since childhood, and who is the player’s first admirer and permanent supporter since 2007.

Your family on the skin

It is not the first time that the star of the Catalan club pays tribute to family members with tattoos. Lionel Messi already has the name of his mother Celia engraved on his left shoulder and that of his sons Thiago and Mateo. His relatives accompany him wherever he goes and seem to bring him luck.

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In the specific case of his son Thiago, we know that the player has the hands of his eldest son tattooed on the calf of his left leg.

First when Messi became a father for the first time on November 2, 2012, he tattooed his son’s hands and then Messi went under the needle again to show his fatherly love and affection for his son when he decided to call him Thiago.

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This tattoo continued to evolve. Over time, the player added other symbols such as the number 10, but the truth is that he recently opted to cover everything with black ink, leaving his son’s name and hands much more visible.

Tattoos on the leg

Lionel Messi has covered his left leg with his son’s tattoos that we have already mentioned, but the truth is that they are not the only ones he has. In fact, the player has added other designs to the remaining part of his leg, one of them expressing his love for soccer. On one side he has a soccer ball tattooed, as well as the number 10, which is the number he wears on his jersey. Added to these two tattoos is the drawing of a sword, adorned with flowers and wings.

Jesus Tattoo

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Messi is a lover of his family and his profession, but he is also a man of strong convictions and religious beliefs, for which reason he carries on his right arm an impressive face of Jesus with a crown of thorns. One of his first tattoos, which is also one of the most appreciated by the player.

Holy Family Tattoo

Messi arrived in Barcelona as a teenager, and from a very young age he has always shown his love for the city. In fact, he is a big fan of the work and the works that Gaudí did in Barcelona and for this reason on his right arm (below the tattoo of Jesus Christ that we saw previously), he sports a stained glass window of the Sagrada Familia.

Tattoo of a clock

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We all know that Messi comes from a small Argentinian town called Rosario. He is a perfect example of a self-improvement story, and the wind-up clock tattoo on his arm symbolizes his past, present, and future. A watch that has an ancient design, which allows it to carry without a doubt, one of the best tattoos that the player has tattooed on his body.

Lips tattoo

One of Messi’s most “intimate” tattoos are lips, which he wears on the inside of his waist. A tattoo that doesn’t usually show much, especially when he takes off his shirt and his pants are a little lowered. A tattoo that apparently also corresponds to the lips of his wife Antonella.

Lotus flower tattoo

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Also among Lionel Messi’s tattoos on his body, the design of an orange lotus flower stands out. A tattoo that has a meaning related to his life in Rosario and his family, but also, we have to say that this type of tattoo has a very specific meaning.

The lotus flower tattoo usually has a very spiritual meaning related to Buddhism. In addition, it is also important to know that depending on the color it can mean one thing or another.

In the case of a red or orange lotus flower, like the one Messi wears, it represents the lotus of the heart. This is basically an indication of the original state of the heart, and the flower is fully open to show that the heart must also be open. As expected, this heart-related color represents emotions like kindness, passion, love, and compassion. We are not saying that Messi got this tattoo with that intention or meaning, but the truth is that it is one of the tattoos that stands out the most on his arm.

Apparently the player made it trying to represent his own talent, which seemed to have come out of nowhere, in the same way that usually happens with these types of flowers, which are born unexpectedly.

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These that we have seen are the tattoos that Messi currently has, but surely we will have to update this post, since the player does not stop adding more and more designs to his body.

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