Look of the week: H&M

As we already did with the ZARA look, we bring you the weekly look from H&M for this spring/summer. A collection from which little can be taken, since after the harsh winter, it focuses on knitwear and becomes the monopoly of all its fabrics, muted colors, not typical of the season. I ask you, please, to give me a hand to choose this week’s look! Can you help me?

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In spite of everything, H&M knows how to dose everything that I have told you before to achieve a collection that becomes harmonious and balanced, however, it sins a bit of being too cold and sober, a bit bland I would say. But it’s my humble opinion, what do you say?

H&M bets on the premature navy look

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And it is that with the sailor or navy style, we are going to end up a little tired before spring even begins and surely this style will last until last September, for sure. This is one of the flagship styles of the firms in the summer, being copied and modified in many different ways to be able to sneak it into our purchases. That is why H&M has run so much when it comes to taking him out for a walk. How lazy, right? But I think these two styles are safe from the sieve that H&M just received from me.

The color range of H&M

Changing a little, with their chromatic range they have not known how to choose well either and they do not end up convincing me. Seems like they’re halfway between Winter and Spring, right? A bit bland for my taste

Common clothes without any type of fitting and basics. But hey, I have chosen these two shirts because I think, that within the bad, they are not as common as the others. What do you think?

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With honesty in my words, H&M has not been able to give that touch of originality, style and set its own trend to have anticipated styles, lacking a bit of imagination and creativity when combining garments. Sorry H&M, this spring/summer season the navy style is out, the color range is not bad. What do you think? Would you opt for any of these clothes?

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