Learn to make a homemade eye contour

Homemade cosmetics was the only way to have cosmetics for skin care, however today in Day many times we do not conceive the fact of making a cream at home simply because of the lack of time and how fast everything around us is going.

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Today we buy, sometimes without looking at anything, products to treat our dermis or even more delicate areas such as the eye area, which turn out not to be what we were looking for at first, but that is Choosing the cosmetic in the market has been a much faster process than going home to make your lotions… an aspect that we have internalized as a waste of time.

However, and despite all of the above, there are more and more people who realize that perhaps the crux of the matter for a radiant and healthy face is to stop for a moment, analyze the needs of the dermis and offer it just what it needs. needs in the most respectful and effective way possible.

And it is for this very reason why they decided to join the homemade cosmetics, a method that completely coincides with everything mentioned in the previous paragraph (since we are the ones who choose the best ingredients of all!)

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In this link you will find some very simple recipes to make at home that can be of great help in your adventure towards the ideal eye contour, so don’t miss them!

For those of you who are a little more comfortable and prefer to go the fastest way, there are also very good options! Here you will find a ranking with the best valued ones on the market: 5 best eye creams for men.

The eye contour will change the appearance of the face

Before starting to do it, it would be a good idea for us to get to know a little better how it works and what its use will bring us, although it is clear that only with the title of the paragraph it is already intuited that everything that surrounds it is good.

The skin that surrounds our eyes is the most sensitive, delicate and thin of our entire body, so much so that it does not even contain sebaceous glands, there are no pores, or collagen or elastin formation, so without doubts is very different from the rest of the complexion.

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For this reason, it is not a good idea to treat or cover this region with the facial creams that we use for the rest of the face, since they can be occlusive, very greasy or too aggressive and end up causing unnecessary damage.

It is important that we use a specific product, with ingredients that are really going to be related and with a soft and delicate treatment towards the skin, only then will we be able to see the true results of an eye contour.

The use of this product will end the dull, dehydrated and dark appearance that our eyes sometimes suffer and instead will make them look bright, smooth and radiant.

Therefore, the result of having a splendid look will be a resplendent face and that is just what we are all looking for, right? 😉 .

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Don’t you know yet the importance of using this product? Here you will find the main reasons: 5 reasons why you need an eye contour.

The contour for male skin

Although the recipes that we are going to see below can be used for any type of skin and everyone can use them, the reality is that this information is intended especially for all men who have decided to take care of their dermis and have opted for change.

Male skin is perhaps a little thicker than female skin, but the area around the eyes is still just as fine and sensitive, so there are no exceptions when it comes to contouring.

That said, it is time to get to know the recipes and to change our perception towards homemade cosmetics, which is not a waste of time, but a moment to pause, enjoy and connect, spending a pleasant time with ourselves, isn’t it better to see it like this?

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Eye contour recipes

The formulations that we are going to see below are very simple and the steps to follow in their manufacture will not take us more than 5 minutes. Having an eye contour in the blink of an eye and with a few easy steps is just what we are all looking for, you couldn’t ask for more!

Eye cream with aloe vera and grape seed oil

As you can see, the two substances that we have chosen for this recipe are completely natural, both aloe vera and grape oil will give us freshness, hydration and even an antiaging effect, achieving amazing results instantly.

In addition, who does not have an aloe vera plant and a herbalist’s shop where they can find this wonderful grape oil? It is very easy to find and its price is quite cheap.

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Ingredients we need

  • 2 drops of grape seed oil
  • 1 tablespoon of soy wax or 1/2 tablespoon of candelilla wax
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera

Candelilla wax is a little harder than soy wax, so if you use it, always try to use half so that the texture result is similar.

Steps we must follow

  1. We will have to put the ingredients in a container and we will take it to the fire to heat everything so that it can be mixed.
  2. We stir everything very well and make sure that everything forms a homogeneous paste.
  3. Immediately, we remove it from the heat, pour it into the final container and let it cool.

How do we apply it?

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The essential thing is to know that we need a minimum amount, no more than 3 drops per contour.

  1. The first thing will be to put the lotion in the eye contour area and spread it with the fingertip giving a kind of soft touches until everything is absorbed.
  2. The ideal, if we have time, is to massage the area very gently to improve the penetration of the product and to improve blood circulation in the area.

If you have doubts about how to use this type of lotion, here you can learn how to do it correctly: How a man should apply the eye contour.

Eye cream with coconut oil and vitamin E

This recipe may be a better option if what you are looking for is to improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, since it will offer an immediate anti-aging effect based on natural and completely respectful substances.

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Coconut oil is ideal when it comes to providing hydration and nutrition. Do not worry if when you buy it you see that it is in a solid state, since depending on the temperature at which it is found, it will appear in a solid or liquid form.

For it to take on its liquid form, you just have to heat it a little, either with your hands or through fire.

Vitamin E for its part is a wonderful source of antioxidants that will keep the skin protected against different free radicals, as well as fight against premature aging of the dermis.

Ingredients we need

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  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 3 vitamin E capsules

Steps we must follow

  1. Mainly we will have to get the coconut oil to be in a liquid state, for this it will be enough to heat it for 5 or 8 seconds in the microwave or in a saucepan on the fire. It is important to be very aware, since it only takes a few seconds to achieve it.
  2. The second step will be to open the capsules and keep the powder inside, once the oil is hot and liquid, it is time to pour in the vitamin E powder.
  3. It is essential that we stir everything very well until they are mixed and that we obtain a homogeneous lotion.
  4. To finish, we will only have to put the cream in the refrigerator and let it rest and cool for about an hour.

How do we apply it?

  1. The basic and correct step is to put the cream around the eyes and by means of a kind of touches, spread it all over the contour.
  2. The ideal is to do it from the tear duct (careful not to introduce it inside the eye) to the area of ​​the temple, remember that we should not press the finger against the contour.

Eye contour with rose water and cocoa butter

If we had to say that one ingredient is valid “for everything”, it would undoubtedly be rose water. It is a substance that has been with us all our lives and that to this day continues to be chosen as one of the best for taking care of the skin in an effective and respectful way.

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The properties that it has are many, among them we find, for example, hydration, the elimination of scars, stains and other conditions, the ability to remove makeup and dirt from the skin, etc.

In addition, it also helps prevent the formation of wrinkles, so it will be ideal to avoid the presence of the dreaded crow’s feet.

Cocoa butter contains a multitude of antioxidant properties, so it will protect the skin and also hydrate.

Ingredients we need

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  • 2 coffee spoons of rose water
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter

Steps we must follow

  1. The first step is to melt the cocoa butter, for this we take it to heat in a case or we put it in the microwave for a few seconds.
  2. Actually, we must add the rose water on the already hot cocoa butter.
  3. Finally, we stir everything very well so that it mixes correctly and let it cool down a bit.

How do we apply it?

  1. By means of clicking we must distribute and spread the lotion well throughout the contour, remember that the path to follow is from the tear duct to the temple.
  2. Do not stop massaging until the lotion has been completely absorbed.

The contour is ideal to use during the night and wake up with extra soft skin!

The cucumber slices of a lifetime…

Leaving the recipes and finishing the article, I would like to tell you about the famous cucumber slices, the ones we see everywhere, either in movies or in different facial care videos.

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Although most of the time we see girls or women carry out this process, boys or men can also benefit from the hundreds of properties of this substance!

Those times when we come home and feel tired in the head, inflamed eyes or even with dark circles and bags, those are the ideal moments to calm down, pause and enjoy relief as pleasant as lying on the sofa or in the bed with two slices of cucumber in our closed and relaxed eyes.

Therefore yes, although this is not an eye contour as such, cucumber has countless properties that will help us enormously to feel better and improve the appearance of this area of ​​our skin.

Some of the properties of cucumber are the following:

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  • Thanks to the fact that its formulation is based on 90% water, it will be ideal to provide hydration.
  • Remarkably and instantly reduces inflammation, therefore eliminating puffiness and dark circles.
  • It is capable of reducing the depth of finer wrinkles, achieving a more rejuvenated appearance.
  • The juice of this food has a great capacity when it comes to neutralizing free radicals, so it will protect and improve the appearance of the skin.

If you suffer from dark spots around the eyes, these products are for you: 3 Best Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream for Men.

With all this information, I hope you enjoy a good relaxation with a dose of cucumber slices in a Hollywood movie way more often 😉 !

You already have the necessary tools to make a super eye contour at home in less than 5 minutes and with very simple steps, you have also seen that the ingredients we need are very easy to find and cheap.

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There are no more excuses for wearing a radiant look, get down to work!

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