Latest trends in Italian footwear

Italian fashion is always associated with elegance and its own style, in today’s article we are going to focus on Doucal’s brand footwear to see the latest trends in footwear.

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Doucal’s brand

The Doucal’s brand is the expression of the heritage of traditional Italian footwear in which we find elegance in design and quality of materials.

This firm in particular was born in 1964 in Italy by the young businessman Mario Giannini who created a line of footwear marked by comfort combined with design and taking care, above all, of the quality of the clothing.

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This brand combines the care and craftsmanship that tradition entails with industrial development. Its artisans define this footwear as a type of shoe designed for the classic man and the current dandy who seeks products with charisma and prestige.

Doucal’s Footwear

If you look at the different types of models that you can find in the Spartoo online store, you will see that each one of the shoes that they present to you has an absolutely personal detail that makes them stand out from any other type of brand that you have seen on the market. it’s like a hallmark.

I have selected three shoes, those that are the best sellers in Spartoo so that you can get an idea of ​​what it is that makes this brand so recognized among the followers of men’s fashion.

If you look at the De Curtis Lace model in Camel, the first image, it is a classy model with a minimalist design that undoubtedly marks elegance and personality.

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The Berlino Negro is a shoe with a refined line, made with leather, a classic shoe that will not go out of style and with a personal touch in the form of the laces.

The last of our selection is the brown Merlato model, which combines elegance with originality, with refined lines and a minimalist design that makes it an unmistakable shoe.

Do you know more models of the Doucal’s brand? Which Italian shoe brand do you like the most?

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