Koah: Versatility on your feet

One of the most versatile brands you can find in the world of footwear is Koah, shoes made with top quality materials and unforgettable designs that give looks sophistication but without forgetting a unique and personal aspect.

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I have to tell you that I am not at all objective with this brand because it is one of my favorites for both women and men, it seems to me that they have generated a series of extremely versatile designs that adapt to our needs today.

They are shoes and boots with which you can attend a sophisticated event or use them to go to work in a slightly more casual look.

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Advantages and disadvantages of leather in shoes

In addition, it is not only its versatility but also the materials used to achieve designs like these, leather.

A fundamental element for those people who sweat intensely through their feet and that prevents shoes from smelling bad. The only drawback I find with leather is that it has to be molded to the foot and that takes time.

Another aspect that must be taken care of is that the fact that they are leather shoes, both on the outside and inside, is that there may be marks on the outside that there would not be on plastic ones.

I have bought boots from this brand and it has happened to me, but when I bought them from the Spartoo online store I was able to exchange them completely free of charge for another pair in which they were perfectly fit.

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If we focus on Koah, it is a French brand that was born in 2004 and experts define it as very intuitive designs with personality. If we had to define it with three adjectives, it would undoubtedly be comfort, originality and quality.

This brand works with specific techniques such as washed leather, which means that your shoes will have a more used look, a style that is prevailing today.

What is your experience with this brand?

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