Kickers, sandals for the summer

This month we are highlighting very personal footwear brands, with not so conventional designs but above all that respect the needs of the foot and comfort.

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The Kickers brand became well known a few years ago with basic unisex boots that we can still find on the market in different colors. Today we want to focus on the possibilities that they offer us for summer, comfortable, fresh footwear with designs for very different tastes.

First, some men avoid wearing sandals unless they go to the pool or the beach, they consider that this type of footwear is an attack on fashion, but the reality is that we find great brands that present their summer footwear as an embrace of fashion, with style, with personality and that is why for some they are not a success either.

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One positive aspect of this last sandal that we present to you is that the foot is very well supported, so they are perfect for walking but if we take into account that we are in summer and the sun is going to hit us fully, this sandal is a safe bet for a foot full of marks and we have to be careful with rubbing.

The first Kickers sandal would be the ideal for me and in any case, this third sandal that you can find in other colors. It also has a more supportive foot but for me it loses a bit of style.

Finally, as I always tell you, it all depends on your tastes and what you are looking for, what they do seem to be absolutely comfortable is any of the three.

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