KIA Rio, a utility vehicle with an attractive design

We tell you what are the novelties of the KIO Rio 2015 and why it has become a very competitive and attractive utility vehicle for the drivers.

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These days we have been talking about different vehicles that are causing a trend among motor lovers and that can be a reference for those who are looking for a new vehicle. On this occasion, we are going to talk about the new KIA Rio, with the metamorphosis that has been done to get a vehicle with a very attractive design and some interior features that make it a very interesting car.

The exterior of the KIA Rio has been remodeled to achieve a modern and attractive design, in which its lines and other accessories such as the bumper or the headlights have been redefined. If we focus on its interior, we find a vehicle that has been classified as more spacious than ever, which generates a perfect feeling of comfort for the occupants.

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It has also been branded as an elegant vehicle. It has chrome trims on the air vents, they have changed the design of the center console for a much more attractive one and in which you can enjoy a seven-inch touch screen with the latest generation satellite navigation system incorporated and the DAB-digital audio. They have changed the alloy wheels and the tiger nose grille to get a much fresher image of the KIA Rio.

As for other interesting technological aspects, it has the stop&start system to save fuel, it has a rear camera that will offer you many driving facilities and you can choose between two powerful engines, from 75 to 85 CV.

These are some of the changes and novelties that have been carried out on the KIA Rio, its price is up to the circumstances.

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