Keratin/Keratin Straightening for Men

Do you know what keratin/keratin straightening is? If you ask your mother, your friend or your girl, they will surely say that they do know him. However, for us it is something that is yet to be discovered. Keratin/keratin straightening is a hair treatment that straightens your hair for approximately 3 months, for us a little more than for women. I’ll tell you a little more about keratin straightening for men.

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Keratin straightening is a hair treatment that has been very fashionable in recent years since, as its name suggests, it straightens your hair and is perfect for curly or frizzy hair (like mine). It is a straightening widely used by women but it is a complete unknown to many of us. Let’s get to know everything about keratin straightening.

What is keratin?

Keratin – Fluorescence microscope image.

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Keratin/keratin is a protein for defensive and protective purposes that is produced naturally by our body that accumulates in areas such as hair, nails,… Keratin/keratin is responsible for providing hardness and consistency to our parts of the organism.

Basically, keratin is a family of proteins that are among the most important and versatile compounds that occur in nature and not just in our bodies, but think of your hair, nails and skin as structures solid as buildings, armor and carbon fiber and all of them built for strength and protection in which keratin as the main component.

And not only that, in the human body, unlike the industrial world of mechanics and machines, keratin can also serve to help cells heal and grow.

Imagine a building that was able to fix itself, you can now understand why keratin is actually as important as it seems.

In this way, and although you have to know that in our hair there can be up to 95% keratin, it is also disappearing so that in the branches of medicine and aesthetics a great use has been found for this type of protein in order for it to be present in our hair, but also its own use makes it the best that exists to straighten hair. If you have ever wondered what keratin straightening consists of, we will now explain the technique of this hair treatment and all the details.

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How is the keratin/keratin treatment for hair straightening?

Once you know what keratin/keratin is, let’s go with its uses. Keratin/keratin can be used to straighten hair, both in hairdressers and in your own bathroom at home.

The origin of this procedure can be found in Brazil, where it quickly became fashionable and jumped to the United States (no matter how much it is said or that some people believe that keratin straightening is what is done in Japan). Keratin straightening is considered miraculous if we consider not only that it allows us to look extremely smart hair, but also that it allows us to nourish, reconstruct, smooth, defrizz and shine all types of hair.

We cannot say that keratin straightening has the same effect on all hair types, since hair that is naturally straight will be much smoother, so much so that you will be surprised how you can “master” it, but in I change the hair with curls or those that have a very strong wavy, they may not be completely smooth. Before applying the treatment and being disappointed, you must be realistic and think that the result may be smoother hair, but not as much as you thought.

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The procedure to apply the keratin straightening is very simple: wash the hair to get rid of any dirt or grease and carefully apply the keratin/keratin strand by strand, allowing it to dry so that the hair absorbs this protein for styling. or iron the hair afterwards. The result of this is much shinier hair, with much better body, free of the annoying frizz that will leave your hair limp.

How to do keratin/keratin straightening at home

Although the keratin/keratin smoothing treatment can be done at home, it is best to have it done by an experienced professional. Keratin/keratin straightening can be a bit more expensive at a salon but the result is much better and longer lasting.

  1. If you continue with the idea of ​​doing it at home, the first thing you should get is a good shampoo and conditioner that will help you eliminate all the dirt, dead cells and grease from the hair, and then dry it with a towel.
  2. Now you must apply the keratin/keratin very carefully (you must make sure that it is free of formaldehyde). You can help yourself with a brush and a comb. Important: You must apply the product in a well-ventilated area, avoiding contact with the eyes or skin.
  3. Now you have to let the product act until it dries completely. This can take a long time but you should try to leave your hair still and well stretched while you let the product act on your hair.
  4. Once the hair is completely dry, it is time to iron it. It is better, for this part of the process, that you go to a hairdresser since it is the most important part.

Important note: Keratin/keratin straightening at a salon lasts much longer than if you do it yourself at home.

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Tell us your opinion about the article or any questions you have about keratin/keratin straightening.

Advantages of using keratin to straighten hair

If, apart from what has been explained, you still have doubts, we will tell you that the main advantage of this type of straightening, in addition to making the hair very straight, it will remain unalterable to changes in temperature and humidity, rain or the snow.

In addition, your hair will look splendid and hydrated for at least 3 months.

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Coindications for the use of keratin to straighten hair

We have already told you that we can do the keratin straightening treatment for hair at home, but perhaps the best thing of all is that we go to a professional stylist if we take into account that some of the components that are present in the products to straighten keratin hair can become harmful to our hair and even health.

This is the case, for example, of formaldehyde, which is usually very present in products for this type of straightening and which may affect our health if we breathe it.

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