Keen, Hiking boots

The summer and autumn season is a perfect time to go hiking in the mountains, we bring you necessary moments for the equipment.

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The Keen firm is a fairly new footwear brand, it began to become known in 2003 with its specialized hiking and mountain footwear where its adjectives are comfort and the most recent technology in its models.

This first model, Keen Bryce Mid, is made of leather on the outside, the lining is textile, the insole is synthetic, and the sole is rubber.

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This boot is traction, perfect for the winter seasons since it has the ability to keep the feet warm and, in turn, let the foot breathe. This makes it the perfect boot for winter and any type of winter activity.

You have to take into account that the insole is synthetic but the upper is made of leather.

This model is a boot with a waterproof cut, it has a reinforced forefoot for hiking and mountain activities and also has a non-slip sole.

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This hiking boot gives the foot safety, comfort and protection, three perfect adjectives for this type of activity.

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