How to get Justin Bieber’s hairstyle?

Surely many of you if you are fans of the singer Justin Bieber and want to imitate his style, you will have wondered how the singer always manages to make the news about his hairstyle. From the days when he made himself known with thick bangs, until today when we see him shaved, blonder than ever and with different styles, this young singer always surprises us. Now let’s see how to get the current hairstyle that Justin Bieber wears, and of course, we will remember the famous hairstyle for which he became known and how he always managed to look perfect.

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Justin Bieber’s current hairstyle, how is it achieved?

As you can see above, and with that long disheveled bangs, it’s how Justin Bieber’s hair has been wearing since the end of 2015 and throughout 2016. The singer of “Baby” is no longer that boy with long bangs and With a much lighter hair color than usual, he joins the fashion of wearing his hair in different lengths so he too has succumbed to the buzzard trend.

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How do you get this hairstyle that has already created a school? Well, it’s much easier than you might think, although it must be said that to achieve this you’ll have to stop cutting your hair like Bieber did a year ago. At the beginning of 2015, the singer chose to let his hair grow and with this he would achieve the exact measure to make it long enough to fit him as he currently does.

That is why it came to look like we see in this other photo. Do you see how long it took him? That was the key to getting what we see him wearing today. Once your hair has grown like Justin’s, you can start shaping the ultimate hairstyle.

With this, you will then achieve that the central part can be much longer, and that the sides are shaved as well as the neck. The central part must be emptied as much as possible so that you can “play” with the hair by combing it to the side or back and without showing too much of it. In the case of wanting to take it back, it is better to use a little wax or gel so that it is not difficult for you to control the hair. If, on the other hand, you leave it natural, the most likely thing is that it will look like Bieber’s, almost always on the side.

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In addition, the singer has dyed his hair several times in recent years, and although his color is blonde to brown, the truth is that we can say that now he has it much lighter than when we met him.

Do you remember how Justin’s hair was when he became famous? Well, below we explain how he managed to wear those bangs.

The hairstyle with which we met Justin Bieber. How did he get it?

Although it may not seem like it, and it reminded many of us of a hairstyle that has been used for several seasons, apparently the hairstyle that Justin Bieber wore in his early days was invented by the singer’s hairdresser who wanted to give it a touch more “natural” to the young man’s bangs and for this reason he decided to make the entire hairstyle dry forward, also making his front part appear almost behind.

In fact, Bieber himself not only popularized the style of wearing bangs back in 2010, but there were many interviews in which he explained how he only did this hairstyle, even if it doesn’t seem like it, and if you have hair As fine and straight as he is, the “Bieber hairstyle” was and is relatively easy to achieve.

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How do you get this retro hairstyle? First of all you should have a symmetrical cut. Once the hair has been washed, you should first dry it with a towel and then you just have to take a dryer and start drying it forwards, also giving it a certain volume (a tip: it is better if you dry it with cold air). If you notice, Bieber doesn’t use wax or anything to set his hair, he just lets his front fall sit as desired. In addition, the boy, and this was obvious to him right away, had a certain tendency to put it on with a simple movement of the head.

I leave you a video in which Bieber showed how he combed his bangs, or in fact how he moved his head to achieve it:

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