Jeepers Creepers costume for Halloween 2022

This past September the new installment of the “Jeepers Creepers” saga was released. More than enough reason to believe that it will be one of the trends for the next night of the dead. That is why today we have prepared a tutorial to explain how to get the Jeepers Creepers costume for Halloween 2022.

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The film is one of the most anticipated of its genre. It is an interquel that explains what happens between the first and the second film to complete the entire plot. And “The Demon”, one of the most terrifying and popular characters in the history of horror movies, is still present.

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Here at Moda, they are going to teach you how to make a Jeepers Creepers mask, how to dress up as Jeepers Creepers step by step and how to do makeup like Jeepers Creepers step by step.

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Who is Jeepers Creepers

The first film in this saga, Jeepers Creepers 1, was released in 2001. It has been more than 15 years since we met the terrible main character of this story.

It is about a demon that wakes up every 23 years with voracious hunger and looks for humans with whom to satisfy his instincts. He pretends to be a truck driver, when in reality he is one of the deadliest characters in movie history.

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The title of the film comes from a famous song written by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer and, how could it be otherwise, the story is also related to the world of music. Every time the song plays on a player within the film (a phonograph, a radio, etc.) we know that “The Demon” is close and ready to kill. And the characters know it too!

How to make the Jeepers Creepers mask

In the following video you will see a tutorial on how to make the mask of this terrifying demon. Think how realistic a mask like this can look. If what you are looking for is a costume that will make all your friends lose sleep, do not hesitate to take a look at this video. You will find all the necessary information below.

How to dress up as Jeepers Creepers step by step

Next, we explain the steps to follow if you want to become this horrendous and dangerous being. As you can see, thanks to the photos that we show you in this section, there are many variants of this demon that you can choose from.

In the character of Jeepers Creepers there are several interesting details that you should not overlook. The first of all are the wings, although we consider them too complicated. We’re not saying you can’t put them on, but if you don’t buy them it’s going to be quite difficult to make them by hand.

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On the other hand, the color of the skin is also very important, and that finish that seems metallic and gives the sensation of cold. We’ll talk about makeup in a bit.

In addition, this character wears a long and worn frock coat, a sweater and pants. If it’s old enough you can spend time staining it to get that monstrous look. If you can complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat, so much the better.

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Here you can see one of the possible interpretations of the demon from Jeepers Creepers. Click on this video to see how terrifying this monster can be. Are you sure you want to see it in action?

How to make up like Jeepers Creepers step by step

Surely you are wondering what kind of makeup to use to dress up as the demon from Jeepers Creepers, right? How to make up like Jeepers Creepers step by step is the most important thing in this costume, but also the most difficult.

There are two different options that you can carry out to perform the makeup:

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  • Play with lights and shadows to give the impression of a deformed part of the face. It is the simplest option and also the most basic. You can do it at any time and it is not a big complication.
  • Create the deformities manually and place them on the face to be able to apply makeup later.

The deformities can be made with putty for false costumes and prostheses. They sell it in specialized makeup stores or in some costume stores. It is true that with this accessory the Jeepers Creepers costume will look better, but it is not essential either. Rate it well because it will be more difficult to handle, and you will be more comfortable without it.

In any case you need a moisturizing cream to use as a base. It will help your skin better withstand the hustle and bustle of Halloween, and also to remove make-up better when the party is over.

Later, with the metallic paints that you will have bought, you will have to give the base in a bronze tone. When it is dry, it is time to apply the relief effect with a dark gray almost black tone. With this color you should mark all the areas where Jeepers Creepers have bumps, the contour of the mouth and lips, the contour of the eyes… It is about achieving a very aggressive expression.

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Don’t forget to make up your ears and neck to your clothes! That’s supposed to be her skin tone, so it’ll look bad if you don’t wear makeup as much as it shows.

You can finish off your makeup with some red contact lenses and a false set of teeth with pointy teeth. This will give you a terrifying look.

All the answers to the questions that may have arisen are in the following video:

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