IT Pennywise clown costume for Halloween 2022

One more year Halloween arrives, and therefore, time to wear our most extravagant costumes, cute or terrifying and of course, the IT Pennywise Clown Costume for Halloween 2022, is one of the candidates. Although it seems that it requires a lot of effort and having artistic and creative skills, the truth is that designing a homemade IT Pennywise clown costume for this Halloween is easy and, above all, very cheap, which is also important. Discover how to make the IT Pennywise clown costume for Halloween 2022, step by step with this post.

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IT Pennywise the clown costume for Halloween 2022

Since the release of the IT feature film, his image has revolutionized the world of costumes, both on Halloween and on Halloween, becoming one of the most original and desired costumes, especially for this Halloween 2022.

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The design of the costume is very simple and we can do it ourselves, especially after giving you the keys to surprise with the best Pennywise clown costume from IT.

However, if you do not want to make the entire costume including the clothes, you can buy them in any large store. We can even buy a normal clown costume, and with imagination, paying close attention to details, we can turn our simple clown costume into a Pennywise clown costume from IT.

Homemade IT Pennywise clown costume for Halloween 2022

There is no doubt that in order to achieve an original costume, the most important thing is that each one contribute their personal touch and, what better way to achieve it than to make it ourselves, homemade.

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With these guidelines that we are going to show you, you will get an original homemade IT Pennywise clown costume for Halloween 2022. To make this costume, we must take into account that there are several models of IT clowns, so we must determine the desired appearance.

On the other hand, we must place a lot of emphasis on the theme of Halloween makeup and the necessary accessories so that our costume is as realistic as possible. Therefore, regarding the accessories, we will need some balloons inflated with helium (preferably red).

IT Pennywise Clown Makeup for Halloween 2022

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Regarding makeup, we must cover the entire face and neck with white paint. Next, we will mark the line of the eye with a black pencil, we must be generous since it is thick and well marked, both on the upper and lower eyelids.

For the eyebrows, we will also use a black pencil, pay close attention to the type of clown that you are going to reproduce, since each one has a different eyebrow style. First we have to draw them, above our own eyebrows, since these are high.

The shape of these is also a point to take into account, since by having different types of clowns, they can be arched or fine and drawing waves.

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To draw the mouth, we will use a black liner, we will go over the entire upper and lower edge of the lips, then we will fill in with red lipstick.

Finally, we will draw two lines that will come from the corner of our lips to the eyebrow area. To finish off the Halloween makeup, we can either use a fake clown nose or paint them too, this is left to your choice.

How to make the IT Pennywise clown costume for Halloween 2022 step by step

The time has come to reveal how to make the IT Pennywise clown costume for Halloween 2022, step by step, so don’t think twice and get ready to learn the tricks to design this Halloween 2022 costume in great detail. Let’s start!

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To get the most typical Pennywise clown costume, we will need the following materials:

  • Silver ruffled skirt
  • Silver baggy pants or silver leggings
  • A red colored wig with bald spots on the left and right sides
  • Some red wool pompoms
  • White socks
  • Plastic bottles.

We’ll start with the pants:

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  • If we can buy baggy pants, better, although as we have said, silver leggings can also be used.
  • If we opt for leggings, we will cut them flush with the knee.
  • In case they are not this color, we will paint with a spray first and let it dry before putting on the costume.
  • We will take the stockings or white tights and we will put them on so that they are just below the leggings. We can give it a worn touch by taking a sponge and applying small touches to this garment with a little black or gray paint.

For the upper part of the costume:

  • We will start with a wide silver colored jacket, in which we will tie or sew the two red wool pompoms as if they were buttons.
  • The ruffled skirt, we will place it in the neck area, as shown in the photograph.
  • In case we have a skirt with tulle at home, we can choose this garment perfectly. And finally, we will add two red strips that surround our waist as a belt.

The shoes, as you well know, the shoes of a clown are especially characteristic of this costume. For this, we will only need a pair of old military boots that we can customize or in fact, paint in red and white while we put a pompom on the tip.

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If you don’t have boots at home, we can choose to make something more homemade with the help of two plastic bottles, a couple of large bottles of soft drinks would help us.

  • We will cut the plug area and make a hole in the middle, which will be where we put our foot. Now with many sheets of newspaper, we will make a large ball that will constitute the toe of the shoe and, so that it does not fall apart, we will hold it with a lot of cellophane and then paste it too, with cellophane on the shoe.
  • To make the shoes last all night, glue two layers of newspaper with water and white glue and let it dry. Next, make the details with a black marker and paint them with tempera paint.

There you have it, some clown shoes to wear over your most comfortable sneakers.

Do not spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume and opt for easy-to-make homemade costumes for this Halloween. The idea of ​​dressing up as Pennywise’s clown is one of many options and even if you still have time to decide, don’t put it aside because the most terrifying night of all is about to arrive.

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It Pennywise Costume Ideas

We have already seen how to make the It Pennywise costume, both the suit, as well as the shoes, as well as the makeup, but if you want to see other ideas that inspire you, nothing like choosing some of the ones that we show you now.

Instagram @anunwelcomedapper

For example, a Pennywise costume with the clown suit in yellow, which you can buy or also, you can choose to do with a yellow jumpsuit.

Instagram @inked_shapeshifter

You can also choose an old clown costume like the one we see and “play” with the makeup to make it more terrifying.

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Instagram: @zuevanatalia5591

We can also choose a green suit like this one you see. The color really matters little, the key is that it is a clown suit and much better if it is a clown.

Instagram: @theclownprincewholaughs

If you want to make it really homemade, you can also cover yourself with bags or plastic to form the clown costume.

Instagram: @badger_reno

Here you can see the two most basic styles for the It Pennywise costume. Both without a wig, although you can paint your hair red and that’s it.

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Don’t miss this photo gallery where you can see Pennywise costumes from It and that will surely inspire you to make yours for the Halloween celebration.

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