Is NFC technology safe to pay with your mobile?

More and more people decide to pay for their purchases with their phone mobile phone or smartwatch instead of paying with a debit, credit or cash card. Little by little, this way of paying is becoming established, but is NFC technology safe?

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The fact that more and more people are paying directly with their mobile phone does not mean that everyone knows that this possibility exists or that they know how the technology that allows it works, so let’s start at the beginning.

What is NFC technology?

NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, and in Spanish the Communication for Near Fields. Only with the name we can get an idea of ​​what this technology offers, the interaction and connection of two electronic devices wirelessly, which can exchange data with each other.

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Is this something new? The truth is that no, because we have seen how two devices can exchange data thanks to Bluetooth, for example. Even so, NFC technology has been active since 2003 but it was not until a few years ago that it began to gain greater visibility, as many business models began to incorporate contactless payment methods.

The characteristics of the NFC technology of the mobile are:

  • For data transmission between devices you need to be very close to the other device, specifically, as far as 15 cm.
  • In order for you to use this technology, your mobile phone or smartwatch must have it, just as you need the other device you want to connect with to also have NFC technology.
  • Another fact is that the speed at which information is transferred is slower compared to other systems, but so fast if closeness is maintained that it is almost instantaneous. This is the reason why it is usually used for this type of simple actions such as mobile payments without the need to use cards, or you can also use it to connect your mobile to other devices (speakers, headphones, etc.) in a more fast, just by activating NFC technology on both devices.

Is the NFC technology of the mobile safe?

When we talk about money transactions, it is impossible not to question the level of security that a new payment method can achieve. In this sense, many consider this payment model safer than the use of bank cards, since you do not have to type your PIN security code on the dataphone, or give your full number.

At the same time, the fact that it only works when it comes to very short distances between the two mobile devices also makes it difficult for money to be stolen. At the same time, the data is encrypted through a “token”, which decrypts and encrypts the data to make the payment.

In addition, another important aspect to increase payment security through this system is that most applications usually ask for a PIN code on your mobile to confirm the transaction.

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The fact that it is considered a safe technology, and that it is so comfortable to make the payment, is generating more and more users who use this system, at the same time that the forecasts foresee that it will increase considerably with the passing weather. So much so that large companies -such as Google or Apple- have created their own payment models based on NFC.

If you also want to use this contactless payment system, you just have to look in the settings of your phone if it has this technology. For the most part, all new terminals already have it incorporated. If it still does not convince you, in this link you can find the best credit cards, so that you can continue making your purchases in a safe, comfortable and contactless way.

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