Invisalign for men: Prices in Madrid and Before and After Results

Invisalign for men: Prices in Madrid and Results of the Before and After. A type of orthodontics that is currently in fashion is Invisalign, which, as its name indicates, refers to an appliance or orthodontics that is completely invisible. Therefore, if you want to know more about what it is, we will explain it to you below, in addition to offering you figures of what it can cost you and also, before and after images.

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Increasingly, adults are betting on wearing braces, to correct their smile or in fact any bite problem they have with teeth that are not well aligned. The complexes in this regard are fewer and fewer, but if you don’t want to wear metallic orthodontics, there’s nothing like choosing other alternatives such as Invisalign and which stand out for being transparent.

Invisalign What is it?

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Before talking about how much a treatment with Invisalign can cost us, we want to explain what this type of orthodontics corresponds to.

By Invisalign appliance we understand a series of dental appliances, transparent aligners made of a very fine and practically invisible plastic material, to be worn in both dental arches. One aligner should be worn for approximately 15 days and then move on to the next. The aligners are slightly different from one another and are designed to progressively align the teeth.

How do I start therapy with the invisible Invisalign appliance?

At the beginning of the treatment, the patient undergoes some control tests, such as orthopanoramic, precision impressions or intraoral scans, to understand how the teeth are positioned; Then, using special Invisalign software, the dentist creates a 3D model to show what the smile will look like at the end of treatment. The software also calculates how many weeks are needed for the treatment and, consequently, how many aligners are needed since, as we have already said, you usually wear one for the first 15 days, which is later changed, and although two devices is usually more than enough, it can you need any more.

How many hours are Invisalign invisible braces used?

To achieve the desired result, the optimal use of the aligners is approximately 21/22 hours a day. By wearing the aligners less time, there is a risk of not achieving a perfect alignment of the two arches.

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What happens during the first period of the Invisalign appliance?

Probably, during the first week of treatment, the new Invisalign aligners may cause some minor discomfort. This is because the teeth have started to move and are taking the first steps towards what will be a perfect alignment.

In addition, during the first week, the way of speaking may change slightly, but everything will return to normal after a few days. You have to be patient to get your mouth used to the new foreign body inside.

How to clean Invisalign invisible aligners?

To clean the transparent aligners of the new Invisalign appliance, it is absolutely not recommended to wash them with toothpaste and toothbrush because they could scratch them. For hygiene, the ideal is to immerse the aligners in the morning in a glass of water with a specific effervescent tablet for cleaning orthodontics or dental prostheses. However, after meals, it is recommended to rinse them under running water. In the morning it is normal to expect some plaque in the aligners since the mouth remains closed for many hours during the night.

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Can you play sports and wear the Invisalign appliance?

The Invisalign device is suitable for all lifestyles, so if you practice sports you can wear this type of device without problem. In fact, athletes highly appreciate this effective method of straightening teeth precisely because Invisalign aligners are invisible, comfortable, flexible and do not irritate the cheeks or gums, also representing a valid alternative to the bites used to protect teeth in case of trauma In addition, you have the possibility of choosing to wear them or not during sports practice because you can take them off at any time.

Can crooked teeth be treated in adulthood?

Yes, it can be done and in fact it is one of the reasons why these types of invisible devices are so fashionable. In fact, Invisalign aligners are popular with patients of all ages, but especially older people. There is no right or wrong age to take care of the health and aesthetics of your smile. Every child, adolescent or adult who trusts Invisalign technology to straighten their teeth, gets a perfect smile in a short time and without sacrificing aesthetics.

Invisalign Prices in Madrid?

A clear question that deserves a transparent answer. The prices may vary slightly depending on the clinic or the time we have the device, but the general prices of Invisalign in Madrid are usually around 1,400-1,500 euros. As we have already said, the Invisalign invisible appliance does not use traditional fixed brackets or metal wires, but instead aligns the teeth with a series of invisible and removable aligners, designed to be perfectly adherent and comfortable. Each mask must be used for a predetermined number of days (they vary according to each clinical case) and then you can move on to the next mask. As the aligners are replaced, the teeth move to the desired position.

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Therefore, the price of therapy depends on 2 factors :

  • Your specific clinical situation, which is revealed during an assessment visit
  • Your objectives or needs

From these two factors, the time that the devices should be worn will be evaluated and you will be able to know more or less what you are going to pay, although in broad strokes, we have already indicated that the average amount spent by those who wear this type of orthodontics does not reach 2,000 euros.

Invisalign Before and After Photos

We already know well what Invisalign is and its price in Madrid, but you will surely want to see results, so there is nothing like looking at these photos that we are showing you now, before and after this type of treatment.

Photo: Instagram @invisalign

Photo: Instagram @invisalign

Photo: Instagram @invisalign

Photo: Instagram @invisalign

Photo: Instagram @invisalign

Photo: Instagram @invisalign

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