Interview with Álvaro Cebrián, creator of the firm “El Ganso”

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In the following video we can see the interview that has been carried out with Álvaro Cebrián, creator of the firm “El Ganso”, on the occasion of the promotion of the new Opel Adam. A car that is very similar to the ideals of the Spanish firm: Style, modernity and comfort. Here I leave the interview (I found it very interesting) so that you know one of the brands that I like the most.

// Despite the fact that Madrid has many corners to discover, Álvaro Cebrián does not show his favorite places thanks to the Opel Adam. A very manageable car, ideal for moving around the city, and which boasts of having a great urban character and thousands of features for users.

The new Opel Adam stands out for being a very customizable car, being able to take care of all the details and giving a unique touch to each of the models.

The most interesting thing is its “Advanced Park Assist” system, which allows us to park without any problem in the smallest spaces in cities, something that is great in cities like Madrid and its historic center.

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