ICON, the reference magazine for modern man, will be released on November 7

Within you there are many men: The ingenious man, the idealistic man, the audacious man, the man who inspires and is inspired. Now, for all men, we have a new men’s magazine from EL PAÍS, ICON. It will be delivered free to your kiosk every first Thursday of each month. Are you an ICON man? There is finally a magazine for modern men.

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ICON is a magazine for modern men from EL PAÍS. Intended for those educated men, travelers, passionate about technology, restless about everything that surrounds them and, especially, men and that elusive concept called masculine style.

We are the protagonists of all the ICON sections, where we will be exposed to all the advice, practical manuals of style and way of life that a modern man should keep in mind. It also has a Geolocator section, which shows us the most surprising places and palpable trends from all corners of the world.

In ICON we will find interviews with the most stylish men on the scene: actors, athletes, designers, … to take them as references to define our own masculine identity.

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This is the goal of ICON and what they have been working towards for the last few months in preparation for the launch on November 7th.

Tomorrow will be a great day for men, tomorrow ICON is born and I don’t want to miss it. Do you want to have a free reference magazine that helps you find your identity with the best tips and styles?

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