I have tried the UV Protector with Keratin by Dalire and this is my final opinion

Ago time that I discovered the Dalire products and, since then, I have been trying each and every one of the ones that have been launched. Now, the one that has surprised me the most has been the last one that I acquired. A pleasant and unexpected surprise that has led me to tell my experience. And I’ve tried Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin and this is my final opinion

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I have tried Dalire UV Protector with Keratin and this is my final opinion

Before saying that I have tried Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin and this is my final opinion, I must confess that, until now, I had never tried a sunscreen for hair. Just as I have tried some of the best creams for men with sensitive skin, I had never stopped to think about the attacks my hair suffered daily, especially in summer.

I directly assumed that summer had a cost. That is to say, the heat, the UV rays, the chlorine from the pool, the environmental pollution, even the hot air were the price to pay on vacation. So, once I got back to the routine and the summer was passing, I would recover my hair using Dalire’s sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and nourishing cream. Commonly used products.

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That’s why, when I went to place my last order and saw Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin I was surprised. Are there really sunscreens for hair? After finding out about the product, its advantages and seeing the price it had (12.5 euros), I did not hesitate and ordered it.

In the end, it was as simple as reaching a conclusion: why am I going to protect all my skin, if I don’t do the same with my hair, which receives the direct impact of the sun?

So, in two days, I had Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin at home, just right to take with me on my first beach getaway this summer. Seven days on the Andalusian coast where I was going to be able to taste the bonanzas of this product. Not even in my wildest dreams did I think that Dalire UV Protector with Keratin was going to leave my hair so good.

Currently, I have medium length hair, very similar to Isco Alarcón’s, to give us an idea. Last year I already had it like this, so it has been easy for me to compare and the result has been overwhelming. Last year, at times, my hair looked like a dry scouring pad that had been sitting in a drawer for nine years.

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As indicated by the manufacturer, before going down to the beach I applied the product to dry hair, distributed it throughout the hair and let it act. Neither drying, nor combing, nor cap. To the beach with Dalire’s Keratin UV Protector

It was four hours of sand, sun, salt water and more sun. Obviously, when I returned home, I didn’t even remember that I had applied Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin. All I wanted was to take a shower, lie down and sleep.

It was precisely when I entered the shower and touched my hair when I noticed it. In fact, I turned off the water and got out of the shower to check that my hair was almost perfect. It hadn’t dried out, was not scruffy, or tangled, nor did it appear dirty. What would my impression be that I warned my partner to see it and he was also speechless.

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My hair was still shining, like it had just been washed, it was soft, just like when you apply conditioner in the shower. Suffice it to say that, from the next day, and until completing the week we were at the beach, we both used Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin daily, even on days when there was no beach. And it is that the summer sun in Andalusia does not take hostages.

Benefits of Dalire UV Protector with Keratin

Once back to reality, I had time to analyze in detail the benefits of Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin, as well as its composition and the ingredients with which it is made. Even though I had already seen them, I wanted to know how it could deliver such an amazing result from the first application.

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  • No Sulfates – One of the reasons why I have used Dalire in all the products I use is its natural composition. As with shampoo, conditioner or nourishing cream, Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin is sulfate-free. But also, it does not have dyes, parabens or silicones. The ingredients are 100% vegetable and thus, among other benefits, Dalire UV Protector with Keratin does not damage the scalp, does not weaken the hair and does not affect the hormonal balance.

A base of natural ingredients is extremely important to me. The difference with conventional products is abysmal. I have even gone three days without washing my hair and it has remained in perfect condition, when I was washing it daily, even twice in the same day.

In that case, where do the benefits of Dalire’s UV Protector with Keratin come from? Despite the long list of natural ingredients that make up the Dalire UV Protector with Keratin, there are three that stand out above the rest:

  • Coconut Oil – Coconut is one of the common ingredients in natural hair products. Changing a base with chemicals and sulfates, for one of coconut oil shows. And a lot. In this case, the proteins and fatty acids of the Dalire UV Protector with Keratin help protect the hair, providing extra repair to it. On the other hand, coconut oil also has lauric acid triglycerides that reach the deepest layers of the scalp, restoring its natural health.
  • Grape extract – One of the differentiating elements of the Dalire UV Protector with Keratin is this grape extract that enhances blood circulation, strengthening the blood vessels of the head. This results in a stronger root, which limits hair loss and improves the health of the new hair.
  • Keratin – In addition to being used to straighten hair, when applied in its natural state, it is an excellent repairer for hair fibers. Keratin acts from the root and offers an extra element of protection from all kinds of external aggressions. It is especially effective against the high temperatures of dryers, straighteners, irons and other common hair appliances.

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