How you should iron a pair of tweezers

How do you like ironing? We all have pants with darts in our closet and we know how difficult it is (for newbies like me) to iron this type of garment, so today we will show you how to iron this type of pants that has brought us more than one upside down.

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In this post we will show you how you should iron a pair of pleated pants. Don’t ever make the excuse that I don’t iron because I’m not good at it, because with this explanatory article you will be able to iron pinched pants without having to go to moms or dry cleaners.

In previous articles we explained how to avoid sweat stains on your shirt, so we will continue with another simple and very daily task for many of us.

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How to iron a pair of tweezers

We will need, of course, an iron for clothes, an ironing board as well as a water spray.

We will begin by looking at the correct temperature with which we should iron the pants on the label of the pants, since if we do it with an excessive temperature, we can burn our pants or even get the fabric stuck to the floor of the iron.

Turn the pants inside out
Once we know the temperature with which we should iron, we will turn our pants around with tweezers and spray them with a little water. Then we will start ironing the pockets of our pants. Once we have the pockets of the garment in good condition, we will proceed to iron the “loop” placing our pants on the edge of the ironing board.

Put the pants back to their initial state

Turn the pants over again to start ironing both the upper back of our pants and the upper front, always taking care that the garment/trousers are well stretched.

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Putting the zipper inwards, we fold our pants in such a way that they only stay on one leg, making sure that the lines of the garment come out of the tweezers. We place it on the ironing board by lifting or folding the trouser leg up without wrinkling it. We check that the line is in perfect condition and we iron the pants again. Unfold the leg and turn the pants inside out and repeat the previous step again. Put it on a hanger and you’re good to go.

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