How you can avoid sweat stains on your shirt

Many people have a sweating problem and as a consequence, they always leave a stain on their shirts. shirts. To avoid this, there are specific products on the market to alleviate sweating, however these are a bit strong, so in this post we will give you some simple tips that you can use to avoid resorting to this type of product. Let’s see then a guide to know how you can avoid sweat stains on the shirt easily and without repeating or leaving marks forever.

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How can you avoid sweat stains on your shirt

In this post, we will give you some simple tips that you can use to avoid getting those stains that are not aesthetically pleasing on our shirts. So if you suffer from this problem, continue reading to find a solution to this problem.

Wait between showering and dressing.

The first thing we want to advise you is that after taking a bath, wait a few minutes before getting dressed for the day. This is especially important if you take hot baths or live in a hot and humid climate. You need to allow your body to cool down and dry before putting on your clothes, so you can help prevent underarm sweating right after taking a shower.

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Put a T-shirt under your shirt

Whether you wear a shirt to dress with a suit, or one that is a little more sporty, you can use an undershirt (in the case of a shirt with a suit) or a normal shirt under the sport shirts. You can wear this latest model of shirt open, so I advise you to choose a basic, white, gray or black t-shirt.

The objective of wearing a shirt under the shirt is that the sweat does not get through the shirt, leaving your shirt free of any trace of sweat. You do not believe it? Check it out for yourself. You may even think that you are going to sweat more, but currently you can find on the market t-shirts designed precisely for this purpose, trap sweat and not let it pass through.

Trim underarm hair

Armpit hair can collect excess sweat, dirt, and bacteria (the perfect recipe for sweat stains). By trimming the hair from the undercuts, you can prevent the lingering sweat and odor-causing bacteria.

Also, if you shave your armpits you will also notice that the deodorant, our next point, lasts longer.

Use a suitable deodorant

The aluminum that some antiperspirant products may contain can cause sebum, which is an oily substance that the body secretes and that adheres to the fabric, causing the hated sweat stains. There are many brands on the market that develop natural deodorants, without aluminum. Its price usually ranges from 2 euros to 8 euros.

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It is also important that you choose a roll-on or cream deodorant, rather than a spray one. Cream deodorants leak more into the armpit and last longer than spray which may have a stronger scent, but doesn’t last as long.

Use talcum powder

Talcum powder is one of the best remedies to avoid sweat stains on the shirt. What you should do is apply talcum powder after deodorants, in the underarm area, and also on the chest and back. In this way you will be able to achieve that any drop of sweat that you produce dries instantly.

If the working day or the time you are going to wear the shirt is long or for the whole day, it may not last until night, but this trick lasts 8 hours without a problem, so it is one of the best remedies What can we recommend.

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Avoid foods that induce sweat

Did you know that your diet can impact the amount of sweat? And some foods can cause your body to produce more sweat than others. If you feel like you’re sweating too much, reducing or eliminating sweat-inducing foods from your diet might help.

Low fiber foods force your digestive system to work overtime to break down food. A high sodium diet means your body will detoxify all that salt in the form of excess urine and sweat. And eating foods high in fat causes your insides to heat up as your body processes the fat.

Some other foods and drinks that could trigger sweaty armpits include:

  • processed foods
  • liquor and beer
  • garlic and onion
  • foods that have a high fat content.
  • caffeine
  • hot and spicy dishes
  • ice cream

Eat more foods that reduce sweating.

Some foods can actually reduce the amount of sweat your body produces and calm overactive sweat glands in the process. When looking to reduce sweating through your diet, it’s important to focus on foods that won’t affect your digestive system. You’ll also want to look for foods that don’t overstimulate your nervous system and that calm it down.

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Some of the sweat-reducing foods you might want to include include:

  • water
  • foods high in calcium (such as dairy products and cheese)
  • almonds
  • bananas
  • serum
  • vegetables and fruits with high water content (eg, watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, bell pepper, eggplant, red cabbage)
  • olive oil
  • oats
  • green tea
  • sweet potatoes

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and eating foods with a high water content can keep your body cool and prevent excessive underarm sweating.

A jacket for the office

No matter how hard you try, some sweat stains may still show through. Instead of running to the bathroom to dry the sweat stains on your shirt for 10 minutes, if you just have a meeting with your boss, resort to the American. Another solution that we at ModaEllos provide you with is that you make sure that you can always have a clean shirt at hand, either on the office table or in your own car. With this you will prevent all eyes from being directed at your armpits, benefiting your physical appearance.

How to get rid of yellow sweat stains on shirts

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To all the remedies to avoid sweat stains on shirts, we also want to tell you how you can eliminate them if they have already left.

Yellow sweat stains on shirts are probably the most embarrassing, and getting rid of them isn’t easy either. But you can do it this way.

What do you need:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Cold water
  • Toothbrush
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Small mixing bowl
  • When you have the ingredients ready, place your shirt on a flat surface, inside out. So…

    • In a small bowl, combine equal parts liquid dish soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide – about a tablespoon of each should do the trick. (If you’re working in a colored shirt, replace the hydrogen peroxide with cold water.)
    • Spread the mixture over the stained area of ​​the shirt.
    • Use the toothbrush to work the mixture into the stain. It will loosen the stain a bit so the ingredients can work their magic.
    • Let the mixture sit on the shirt for about an hour. Then, use your washer and dryer to clean the shirt as you normally would.
    • If you have yellow stains that are really hard to remove, use an old toothbrush to rub regular table salt into the stain to further loosen it.

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