How to wash the beard: tips and tricks

Beards are in fashion but that doesn’t mean you can wear it just any way. In the same way that you wash your hair every two or three days, you must wash and care for your beard in the proper way and with specific products for it. In this article we want to help you so that you can say that your beard looks impeccable and that is why we explain how to wash your beard with some of the best tips and tricks.

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  • Clean your beard well
  • Beard shampoo: choose the right product
  • Learn to wash your beard correctly

Clean your beard well

The first tip is to always clean your beard well with soap or beard shampoo. Because well, if you don’t take care of it, it’s a bit like your hair, you can put gel on it, but if you don’t wash it, it will stay dirty!

As far as the beard is concerned, even if you brush it, or moisturize it, it is necessary to wash it frequently and this is because it accumulates small bacteria or dirt during the day.

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This happens:

  • After meals: because when you eat, there will surely be small crumbs of bread or food that fall into your beard even if you don’t see them at first glance.
  • After running your hands over your face or beard. Without realizing it, you touch your beard I don’t know many times a day, but that’s not good! Your hands are a little nest of germs with all the things you do every day. Imagine, for example, the bacteria you pick up when you touch your beard after holding on to the subway handrail.

Now that you understand why washing your beard with soap or shampoo is so important, let’s see how.

Beard shampoo: choose the right product

Like hair, beards need regular care and should be done every day.

In order not to damage the hair, it is better to wash it 3 times a week, but although the hair of the beard is similar in texture and composition to the hair, these are different. Therefore, it is better to use specific and non-aggressive products: in particular, beard soap or beard shampoo.

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I immediately warn you of a mistake that many can make: use a normal shampoo to wash your beard.

This is something that really damages your hair because you risk weakening it and consequently leaving you with a rough, bushy and brittle beard! In short, everything a bearded man would never want!

Luckily today there are excellent products to clean the beard, natural and scented… and we want to emphasize the word “natural”.

This is because, just like with commercial hair shampoo, buying and then using a beard soap or beard shampoo full of chemicals and unnatural additives will damage and attack your beard.

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Leave aside all kinds of chemicals and bet on organic with a beard soap or shampoo without parabens or chemicals and that is enriched with natural vegetable oils that are not aggressive with your hair, drying it out and causing it to fall, or with your skin. You don’t think about it but surely you remember how easy it is for the beard to make the skin irritated and itchy. A good product when washing it can avoid that kind of discomfort.

Learn to wash your beard correctly

Try to always wash your beard in the following way:

  • Wet your beard gently
  • If you wash in the shower, take specific beard soap or shampoo with you
  • Place a not exaggerated, but fair, dose in their hands
  • Massage the product deeply into the hair, this will remove dead skin and dandruff.
  • Rinse your beard with warm water, which is also great for relaxing!
  • Finally, pat your beard dry with a clean towel.
  • It is better not to use a hair dryer, but if you have a very long beard and you are in a hurry to leave the house, use it calmly. Avoid putting it on the maximum heat button and, above all, move it away!

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