How to trim your mustache

We know beards are in, but what about mustaches? Sometimes we have seen how celebrities signed up for the fact of wearing a bushy mustache under the nose to the point of making it a trend. If you are one of the men who wear a mustache or are thinking of leaving it, we want to give you now some keys and ideas to show it off perfectly. In Modaellos, How to trim the mustache.

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The fashion of wearing a mustache

The “hipster” fashion style has become fashionable for many men to decide to wear full beards or mustaches. Facial hair has always been considered a sign of maturity and surely you, like all other men, have wanted to grow a little mustache when you realized that it was beginning to grow.

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Since we see that the mustache is back with force, we want you to know how to wear it correctly or so that you understand me: be careful. Having a more or less populated mustache does not mean letting the hair grow on our upper lip and that’s it. In the same way that it is done with the beard, it is important to comb it and also trim it, how to do it?

Before beginning to explain how to trim a mustache, it should be added that not all men feel good about growing hair on the upper lip. In fact, if you barely grow hair, it is better not to try to let it grow since you will only get an image of a teenager that is not at all manly.

How to trim a mustache

If, on the other hand, you have too much hair, growing a mustache may make your face look too heavy, so you should trim it every time you notice that it has grown more than necessary, either in quantity or length.

The first thing you have to do before trimming the mustache is to take a small comb and comb it down. In this way you will be able to see how much hair you have left over and in fact everyone who wears a mustache should get used to combing it every day. You should always cut leaving the hair just above the lip. If you go too far and cut it too much it will look very strange and if you leave it past the lip you will see how your girl, girlfriend, wife or “flirt” ends up telling you that it is not pleasant to kiss you with a mouth full of hairs.

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Before combing and trimming, moisten the mustache so that you can “work” better. Remember that wet hair and hair should always be trimmed carefully since if you go too far after it dries it will look even shorter. If you want to trim the mustache in quantity and not in length, it is better to use a mustache scissors, with which you can reduce the volume by cutting the top layer. If you don’t have one of these mustache scissors, use a fine comb to lift the top layer of the mustache.

Carefully cut it to the desired length with the scissors. And to finish shaping it, you can use a blade that allows you to shave, shaving the upper side and a little on the sides, being careful not to shave on the mustache itself. Finally, comb again and when it is completely dry, check with good light if it has turned out as you wanted.

Video on how to trim a mustache

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