How to trim the hair of the nose and ears

Although in Modaellos we have already explained how to trim the beard and how to pluck the eyebrows, it arrives It is time now to know how to completely shave the hair or hair that is left over in the nose and ear area.

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The truth is that many men suffer from the problem of having excessive hair on their nose and ears, which is in fact quite unsightly, so it is advisable to gradually eliminate this hair and also learn to keep it from growing anymore that in a few days you will notice that it has reappeared.

How to trim nose and ear hair

Shaving nose hair:

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  • The hated hairs that stick out in the nose are impossible to hide and worst of all is that when you take a magnifying mirror, you will realize that you have more than you thought so it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible, and thus avoiding that they continue to grow and that finally, they end up seeing each other.
  • Ideally, and although there are electric machines to get rid of nose hair, it is that you use depilatory tweezers and that you should sterilize with a little alcohol.
  • What you have to do before starting to pull hair by hair, is that you place it in the direction of the natural growth of the hair; something that may cost a bit but in this way you will avoid noticing so much pain and also the hair coming out by the roots.
  • On the other hand, never cut several hairs together, in addition to being painful it is something that will not work for you since you are only going to get the hairs to not pull out properly. Although it is a bit cumbersome, it is best to remove the hair one by one.
  • Once you have finished, it is better that you pass a little ice around the area, so that you will prevent it from becoming irritated and, above all, and if you have hurt yourself, that the pain calms down and passes sooner.
  • Another option is to use small scissors (and they are special for nose and eyebrow hair) so that you will not have to extract the hairs and only trim them, thus avoiding possible infections. It also doesn’t hurt that much and for an emergency it can be a more than acceptable solution.
  • Of course, you must cut carefully, do not do it right on the surface, since if you cut too close it may cause the hair to become ingrown.

Shaving ear hair

  • In the same way that nose hair can be annoying and, above all, unsightly, the same thing happens with hair that grows around the ears.
  • Although for the nose, or between the eyebrows, it is easy to take some tweezers and use a magnifying mirror to remove hair by hair, in the case of the ears and especially how the hair is positioned will be something for us more complicated.
  • What I recommend in this case is that you use a specific razor to be able to trim or actually shave the ear hair correctly and also with little pain.
  • In the market you can find many brands that already have this type of electric machine that is used to trim both ear and nose hair.
  • Phillips, for example, has a razor model that is used to trim hair from the nose, ears and to fix the eyebrows and that has an ideal angle for easy access to the most delicate areas, it also has a precise cutting system to avoid stretching sensations and above all to avoid bleeding when cutting.

I leave you a video of a nose and ear hair trimmer machine:

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