How to shave your testicles without hurting yourself

How to shave your testicles without hurting yourself is trying to make good the Adidas slogan: impossible is nothing. However, far from what many people think, it is possible to learn how to shave your testicles without hurting yourself. It entails certain guidelines but there is no reason for a process like this to be a bad thing for anyone.

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What’s more, knowing how to shave your testicles without hurting yourself is almost essential nowadays, it’s good to know how to do it well. It is better to prevent.

How to shave your testicles without hurting yourself

In order to read how to shave your testicles without hurting yourself, we have had to embrace the fashion that has prevailed for years: that of wearing the body without a single hair. And it is that, until not too long ago, that of ‘where there is hair, there is joy’ or ‘man, the more hair, the more beautiful’ was our daily bread.

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Everything has changed. Much. Now, knowing how to shave your testicles without hurting yourself is almost mandatory. It no longer looks bad for a man to take care of himself, apply creams or remove all the hair that covers his body, including private parts. But of course, this fashion does not change the fact that it is a complicated task. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to know how to shave your testicles without hurting yourself.

How to shave the testicles with a blade

Whether for personal hygiene, coquetry or simply for comfort, more and more men have shaved genitals. If you are from this group and, furthermore, one of those who encourages DIY, you should know how to shave your testicles with a razor. And it is that the razor blade, despite being the most dangerous and painful method, is the one that all men use for their first time.

The reason is none other than having the blades at hand. Foresight, in these cases, is not common, so removing hair from the genital area usually comes with the added danger of not knowing how to shave the testicles with a blade. Just remember how sensitive the area is, how rough the skin of the testicles and, above all, the density of hair that accumulates.

For this reason, the best thing to do before shaving is to trim the hair somewhat, at least in length, with some small scissors. Yes, the one in the sewing box is perfect, but remember to clean it before putting it away again. Once you have the clearest path, you can start with genital shaving. No rush, no pressure and no sudden movements. You have a lot to lose.

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Another element to take into account if you opt for the blade, are the days after. And it is that the growth of hair shaved with a blade on the testicles is quite annoying. The hairs are very hard and will itch, bother you, and even hurt. And that without anyone being encapsulated.

By the way, if you are going to use aftershave on your genitals, remember not to bring alcohol or you will have the irritated area for several days longer than you should.

How to shave your testicles with an electric epilator

Fashion rules and brands know it. Not surprisingly, electric epilators for men are sweeping sales. It is not for less, because they are fast, effective and almost painless. Of course, they are an alternative if you want to trim hair in the area, but not if you want a complete shave. Despite this, they leave him in a very rush.

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What’s more, some you can even use them while you shower, so they aren’t so annoying. And it is that some, with the highlands that the area has, get hooked a lot with such long and dense hairs. The combination of electric epilator and razor was, for years, the alternative for a perfect trim for many men. In some cases it still is.

How to shave your testicles with depilatory cream

It goes without saying how to wax your testicles with hair removal cream. Or if? All you have to do is apply the depilatory cream to the area to be depilated, previously trimmed, and leave the cream to act for the time indicated by the manufacturer. Both in the shower and outside, the result is surprising and more and more followers are opting for it.

One of the great advantages of depilatory cream is that the hair takes longer to come out than if we use the blade. Also, they don’t hurt at all and are extremely fast. Now, there is a problem, and that is that many end up irritating the genital area. Hence the importance of choosing a good brand. And then, that it is not incompatible with the skin, as there are some that cause reactions in certain people.

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How to wax your testicles

In most cases, how to wax your testicles does not depend on us, but on who does it. He will be the one who tells us the advantages of this depilatory method. For starters, waxing your genitals means it can take up to a month for the hair to grow back.

But of course, then there’s the bad. And it is that the area is not prepared for an attack like this. And of course, the normal thing is that the entire environment of the genitals, and these included, become irritated at least. To this irritation must be added the intense pain. Wax, by itself, is tremendously annoying. If we add the most sensitive area of ​​the man’s body, it seems easy to find the answer

How to remove testicles with laser

It is the most widespread, effective and fast option. Put yourself in the hands of professionals who know how to remove testicles with laser, and have the machine on duty. It is annoying but not painful and after a few sessions, the result will be definitive, although the result is already noticeable from the first session. Zone prices are usually cheaper than other larger zones like back or legs.

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