How to shave with an electric razor

Shaving is something that many men do on a daily basis and has actually become part of their routine. In order to have a complete shave, without the risk of cutting yourself, some opt for other methods beyond classic shaving, such as electric machines. In Modallos we now see how to shave with an electric razor.

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The electric shaving machine or razor is certainly effective when it comes to achieving a close shave and preventing cuts or the beard growing more quickly (although it will never be complete if we compare it with a blade) . In addition, many models of these machines allow you to cut different types and sizes of beards and even serve to keep your head shaved. If you want to learn how to shave with an electric razor correctly, please read these steps carefully.

How to shave with an electric razor

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When opting for an electric machine and start shaving with it, it is convenient for you to know that in the market we can find models that have heads that can be circular blades (for example, Phillips models) or those that They are made of vibrating sheets (from brands like Braun). Depending on the model, you will get a shave that seems more or less tight to you, since it will be a matter of taste. The razors with circular blades are smooth, easy to use and practically the most used, while those with vibrating blades tend to achieve a much closer shave, thanks to having (in most models), two parallel blades and an intermediate trimmer. that provide a progressively closer shave.

It is a matter of opting for one of these models, although they all act with the same effectiveness, and start using them at least twice a day so that we can get used to the skin and thus begin to prevent the beard from growing too much or if you have a beard that is too “hard”. Let’s remember that shaving with a blade is the best way to remove any remaining hair on your face and that with machines that is something that you are not going to achieve at all unless you shave more than once a day. On the other hand, for those who wear the typical beard of two or three days, you can get more out of your machine since you can get the volume of hair empty but without shaving completely, something that cannot be achieved with blades or razors. .

Tips for a perfect shave with an electric machine:

If you want your shave to be complete, uniform and perfect before starting to use the razor as if it were a traditional blade, you have to know that actions such as wetting your face to facilitate shaving will not be necessary.

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  • Remember then that you have to have your face completely dry and that it is recommended that you do it before showering (to avoid open pores), although there are already brands and models that sell machines that can even be used under the shower.
  • If you have a beard that grows quickly, it is advisable that you brush the trimmer a couple of times a day. If your beard is abundant, the trimmer will help you to brush it over and prevent it from growing daily, and if the beard is curly, it may cost you a while. little more to get a shave, although the truth is that it will not be impossible.
  • Finally, always remember that you have to apply a balm or lotion for after shaving and that allows to hydrate the skin. There are models on the market that integrate a gel to make shaving a smoother experience, even so that you can shave much faster, but if yours does not include this very modern option, do not forget to apply the lotion or balm beforehand.

If you are one of those who wears a beard and you do not want to shave it completely, but rather keep it, you must use the razor with the function indicated for it, but also remember that you must shave very well in key areas such as the joint between sideburns and beard, or the drawing of the mustache so that they are well defined without there being pieces that look more populated than others.

Advantages of shaving with an electric machine

Without a doubt, and regardless of whether the final result of the shave is more or less tight, we have to say that doing it with a razor will be much cheaper than with a traditional blade. Although it does not seem certain that if you buy razor blades you will have noticed that a pack that usually contains five will cost you a little more than five euros; Taking into account that the disposable ones will only serve you for a couple of shaves (not counting the foam or shaving gel), the truth is that sometimes it is worth spending the 60 or 70 euros that a razor will cost and that will it will last for years. Added to this is the ability to plug the machine anywhere we have a plug, be it in the office, at home and even in the car (if we have an adapter) and with current models, many of them quite large. small, you can even take them with you on trips, on vacations or to have it at work in case you need an “emergency” shave, including batteries that make them cordless and that allow the man to shave while showering if so. you want.

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Tips to have a super careful skin

Once you know how you should shave to take care of your skin, it is time to also see other tips with which to improve the health of your skin and, therefore, take care of it much more. Let’s see them :

Daily cleaning

Cleanliness is essential to enjoy beautiful, healthy and cared-for skin, so it is essential that you clean it at least twice a day. There are special soaps with which you will be able to soften the skin so that it is much easier and more comfortable for you to shave without problems. Remember that to have a good cleaning, what you should do is use warm water and massage the skin with the soap. When it comes to clarifying the skin, you should also do it with warm water and it is important that you dry it by giving it small blows with the towel but never going over it like that or rubbing.


Exfoliation is something you should do once a week and it’s important to get rid of skin impurities that soap can’t remove. With exfoliation, your skin will look much more cared for and cleaner while you will have fewer blackheads and blemishes on it.

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There are different types of soaps that you can buy for this, but the most used for the results they obtain are those made from citrus fruits or with aloe vera. These will not only cleanse your skin better, but will also care for it by giving it the pH it needs.

Moisturizer and for wrinkles

Moisturizer should also be in your routine if you want to have healthy skin and look young. You can opt for a simple moisturizing cream, which will help protect your skin from the cold and from aggressions such as shaving, or, if you are older, you can opt for a moisturizing cream that also has a rejuvenating effect. You also have it for the eye area, where more wrinkles and expression lines tend to appear.

Use a good cream after shaving

After shaving, you should use a good cream or gel to close the pores and avoid dry skin problems and other derivatives. There are many brands that you can buy and they will give you, in addition to greater protection, a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Alcohol or products that contain it are best used very sparingly, as they will dry out our skin even more.

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As you can see, there are many things you can do to have beautiful and well-cared for skin, and health is also in the skin. In fact, if we think about it, you will soon realize what is seen and valued the most in first impressions, which makes it the most important thing to take care of our image and, this is precisely where the skin of the sun comes in. face. A very healthy skin that looks cared for will say a lot about us and those close to us will also realize it.

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