How to shave with a razor

In a previous entry we have already explained how to trim a mustache, but if you are one of those who does not like to wear a beard, mustache or facial hair, shaving is essential and We at Modaellos want to talk now about one of the methods that exist to be able to shave. Here we explain how to shave with Razor.

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Shaving with a Razor

Men can bet on several methods when it comes to shaving their faces. Some prefer to go fast and perhaps the best thing to do is use an electric razor, others instead resort to the blade that is usually a little more precise in some angles of the face, although it seems that shaving with a razor is becoming fashionable.

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It seems that shaving the hair with a razor makes the skin smoother and softer, not to mention the vintage “touch” it adds to your shave.

To start shaving with a razor, you will need a razor, of course, that is very sharp, as well as the spring strop and the smoothing paste (these two elements allow us to keep the razor sharp).

How to shave with a Razor

To start shaving with a razor, you must have a container with hot water ready. Pour the soap in and wait about 30 seconds to a minute.

The razor must also be properly prepared, so you must heat the blade so that shaving is easier for you. You must pass it through the strap about 25 times and if you don’t have it, submerge it in water.

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After this you can lather your face to start shaving with the razor.

It begins by shaving first in favor of the hair and from one of the sideburns. The angle of the blade should be 30º.

Then do the same on the other temple and follow the jaw.

The lip area is somewhat more delicate. If you do not want to cut yourself, you must stretch both the lower lip and the nose away.

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When all the shaving has been done, you have to pass the razor again, this time against the grain. We will have to do it especially where we have left hair.

It is not very complicated, although to avoid cuts you should practice before doing it on your face. What is the best option? Try to shave dolls or if you prefer a balloon; If you manage not to make any cuts to the doll or the balloon does not explode, you will be ready for your razor shave.

Video of how to shave with a razor:

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