How to remove dandruff and eliminate it permanently

Greasy or dry, dandruff is bothersome and unsightly. How to get rid of it? What shampoos, lotions or other remedies to use? Let’s see below how to remove dandruff and eliminate it for good.

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How to remove dandruff and eliminate it permanently

Dandruff affects one in three people. They can be very numerous and persistent and require specific treatment. It is defined by scales of skin. In reality, they are the consequence of an uncontrolled renewal of the cells of the scalp. This is what causes its flaking, but we have to know before wanting to treat it, that there are two types of dandruff.

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Dry dandruff

Dry dandruff is white and falls off on its own. Most of the time, itching is associated. Dry dandruff is the most common. They affect normal or dry scalp, it is white, flat and easily detaches from hair and clothing. It’s only annoying from an aesthetic point of view. Dandruff can also appear on the eyebrows.

Oily dandruff

Greasy dandruff, for its part, adheres to the hair and is accompanied by hyperseborrhea of ​​the scalp. Affects oily scalp. In fact, these are ideal foci for pityriasis capitis, more commonly called dandruff, which feeds on the excess sebum produced by this type of hair. Oily dandruff has a yellowish appearance. It comes in the form of more or less large patches that adhere to the scalp, causing itching or even hair loss.


Dandruff is fine flakes on the scalp. It is usually due to the abnormal activation of a small fungus, pityriasis, which accelerates the renewal of the scalp. Normally, a renewal cycle is 21 days and allows the removal of dead cells from the epidermis in a completely invisible way. When this cycle lasts less than 21 days, on the other hand, the cells multiply too quickly and accumulate on the surface of the scalp, forming a white powder (dry dandruff) or greasy particles (oily dandruff).

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How to get rid of it?

Dandruff treatments last an average of ten days.

Against dry dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoos are recommended. This type of product contains active ingredients such as cade oil, tar or even zinc, which facilitates the renewal of the superficial cells of the scalp. We can also choose the onion shampoo, since it has properties to reduce inflammation in the affected area and reduce the presence of dandruff. Among the best to choose, the Dalire shampoo with onion extract is perhaps one of the best.

Against oily dandruff, it is preferable to opt for a treatment based on antifungals and salicylic acid that destroy fat particles and agglomerates. They are usually ampoules to apply to the scalp. The treatment usually lasts about ten days and is used twice a week.

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In any case, if dandruff persists, see your dermatologist. When the diagnosis of seborrheic dermatitis is made, part of the treatment consists of acting on certain factors that may be involved, including stress. The fact of reducing exposure to stress makes it possible, in particular, to reduce the symptoms (state of dandruff) and prevent a worsening of the pathology.

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