How to pluck men’s eyebrows according to the type of face: Ways of eyebrow waxing

Fixing the eyebrows or in fact waxing them is not something exclusive to women, since there are many men who suffer from having a very crowded and, above all, unsightly frown. At Modaellos we now give you all the steps to follow to be able to wax them correctly and how to get perfect eyebrows without it being painful and explaining how to do it so that you don’t spend too much time either. Next How to pluck men’s eyebrows according to the type of face: Ways of eyebrow plucking.

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Eyebrow waxing depending on the type of face: step by step

The eyebrows are perhaps one of the most “neglected” areas in many men, who are not in the habit of waxing or fixing them. In this way, there are many men who do not usually remove the hair or hair that always appears between the eyebrows and that with a few simple tweezers could make your face change completely. Do you want to know how to pluck your eyebrows according to the type of face you have?

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Actually, plucking your eyebrows is much easier than you might think, and although men in general don’t really like the idea of ​​taking small tweezers and using them to remove all the hairs that are left between the eyebrows and eyebrows, once you get used to it and include it as one more routine in your grooming and personal care, it becomes something you end up doing without thinking, and especially without it hurting.

To learn how to wax your eyebrows quickly and easily, there are a series of steps that we are going to mention below and that will allow you to have the eyebrows you always dreamed of, but you must also take into account the type of face you you have so that the eyebrows go according to this.

To remove hair you will need suitable tweezers and since it will not be very useful to use a magnifying mirror so that you can see how the eyebrows are becoming as you remove hair.

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We start by waxing between the eyebrows

Whatever your type of face is, something that is common to all men (or almost all) is to have a fairly thick eyebrow. In this way, regardless of the shape of your face, it will be good that you eliminate those hairs that are between the two eyebrows, since it is an area where a lot of hair grows, even going so far as to have the effect as if you had only one eyebrow. eyebrow.

The best thing is that before starting to wax the eyebrows, take a good look at the area between the eyebrows with the help of the magnifying mirror that I have already mentioned and that you eliminate the central hairs, which in fact you will see that they are there as a way of Independent. Like they don’t belong to any brow.

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After waxing between the eyebrows, you can now move on to the eyebrows, but find out first what type of face you have.

Eyebrow waxing for a round face

This type of face, in which the features are rounded, requires waxing in which the eyebrows rise slightly as they thin, so that the face is more stylized.

You should try to have eyebrows that mark the arch, that is, they start from the bottom up and then back down again, just as Zac Efron looks in the image.

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It will not be necessary then to mark an arch like the one women make, which is usually very fine. It will be enough to wax so that you can remove hair from the initial area of ​​the eyebrow, giving a little shape so that there is a small tip in the middle. Don’t remove too much hair either, if you look at the photo of Efron that we show you, the arch is noticeable, but he has also left quite a few “hairs” so that he has modified eyebrows that are still very natural.

Eyebrow waxing for an oval face

The oval face is also rounded although with more marked features, so that it is not only the perfect type of face for any hairstyle, but also for any type of eyebrow.

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In this way, you can choose to wear natural eyebrows while removing excess hair. You shouldn’t do much (or depending on the thickness and amount of hair), since it will be enough for you to take the tweezers and see where there are “rebel hairs” that stand out or stand up. You tear them off one by one and little else.

Eyebrow waxing for a square face

This type of face is one of the most marked and although it is usually related to masculinity, the truth is that it is easy that with this type of face if you add quite bushy eyebrows, you will look unfavorable.

To improve your appearance, you must pluck your eyebrows so that you can soften your features. For this you have to try to achieve waxing so that the result is an eyebrow with a triangular appearance.

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For this you must make an arch, but not as marked as the one we saw with the eyebrows for a round face. You should pluck halfway down the eyebrow so that you give it a bit of an arched shape, both on one side and the other.

Eyebrow waxing for an elongated face

If your face is long, it is best to wear eyebrows that are straight and thick. As a man it is easy to have enough hair on your eyebrows that you hardly have to do anything. Just wax in the final area where there is always enough hair to empty a little and thus unmark the natural arch that the eyebrows have.

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In addition to highlighting your straight eyebrows, it will be a good idea to use an eyebrow brush so that you can comb them well and make them perfect.

Eyebrow waxing for a face with close-set eyes

If your eyes are too close together, the key to making yourself look better is to tweeze between the eyebrows well. Maybe you want to pluck your eyebrows to make your eyes look wider apart, but certainly your only “problem” here will be between the brows, so don’t hesitate and pluck that area completely

Eyebrow waxing for a small face

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And if you have a small face, nothing like waxing your eyebrows so that they are quite fine, but be careful not to wax too much.

In summary we can say that

  • Round face: Requires waxing the eyebrows up, marking the arch quite a bit
  • Oval face: It is better that the eyebrows are plucked to a minimum. In fact, you can wear them natural without touching up anything other than “rebel” hairs.
  • Square face: You must pluck the eyebrow so that it has a triangular appearance
  • Elongated face: Requires eyebrow waxing in which they are straight. If they are populated much better.
  • Face with eyes together: For eyes together, it will suffice to wax the eyebrows very well
  • Small face: Requires eyebrow waxing but without going too far

Ways to pluck eyebrows

Depilate with wax

With tweezers or eyebrow tweezers, you should start removing hairs that are between the two eyebrows, that is, between the eyebrows. We can also do it with hot wax to go faster although with tweezers it is much better and you will get used to doing it regularly so you will avoid them appearing so frequently.

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I’m not saying that waxing isn’t a good option, but if you’ve never waxed your eyebrows before and you start with wax, the most normal thing is that it ends up hurting a bit and you decide not to wax anymore. Tweezers would be a better idea then.

You should start at the line that goes from the nose to the forehead and where a lot of hair can accumulate. Once removed, you must remove little hairs until you reach the tip of the inner arch of the eyebrow.
To remove the hairs, it is as easy as picking them up one by one with the tip of the tweezers and pulling upwards. Don’t think it’s too laborious a job, once you get the hang of it you’ll do it without thinking and faster and faster.

How to wax the arch and eyebrow

Although women usually make an arch with their eyebrows, you can also choose to do so, although it is not so common for a man’s eyebrows to be as thin as a woman’s. It is a matter of taste, but once the eyebrows have been shaved, it will be necessary to go for the arch in which many hairs tend to accumulate, so that it will be then when you will have to decide whether to remove many or not.

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Unlike between the eyebrows, in which it is better not to have a single hair, the arch area is somewhat more complicated. Men have them much thicker than women, but this does not mean that they have all the hair that they have as eyebrows.

As you see in the photo above, it will help you to create three imaginary lines from your nose to the beginning, middle and end of the eyebrow. In this way you can follow the drawing of the arch and only wax what is left over.
The ideal is to create a small arch and thus give your face more expressiveness, so all you have to do is remove with the help of tweezers the hair that is on the outer arch of the eyebrow, even if you don’t go too far, don’t go too far. It might be that you stay with four hairs or mark that arch too much and end up looking like you have Zapatero’s eyebrows.

For the internal arch, only remove the stray hairs that you see and never get too close to the eyebrow itself, because if you mistakenly remove some hair on it you will realize that you have left a hole or hole that it will look too unsightly.

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Along with the way of removing the eyebrows with the usual tweezers, or with wax, we can also add the option of removing the eyebrows with thread which, in fact, is increasingly common among women.

Eyebrow threading consists of taking a thread and using it in such a way that you manage to pull out the hair that is left over from your eyebrows. It is a method that requires some practice, but once you get used to it, it is perhaps one of the most recommended since you will only remove excess hair and it is even faster.

To thread your eyebrows you only need a thread of about 45 centimeters, which you must tie at the ends to form a bow. Once you tie it, you have to remember the little thread that is left over beyond the knot. Hold the section of thread with the knot in one hand, and hold the opposite section with the other hand.

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Once done, carefully rotate the hand that is not facing the knot, four or five times, while the other hand holds the thread tightly, preventing the knot from becoming entangled. The shape that should remain is similar to that of an hourglass and that allows you to open and close with the hand that you turned the thread, as if you were actually working with scissors. The braided part that has remained in the center is the one that will be in charge of removing the hair.

It is important that you keep your hands at a distance that allows your fingers not to touch your face and that they are one above the eyebrow to be waxed, the other in front. The triangle formed is placed in position so that the hair to be plucked is inside and you pass the thread in the opposite direction of hair growth.

To ensure the correct movement, you have to close the hand that controls the triangle around the hair and open the other and make smooth scissor movements.

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Other tips on eyebrow waxing

One of the best tips we can find when it comes to waxing the eyebrows —especially for those men who, at the risk of admitting it and assuming that this area can be quite sensitive, waxing hurts too much and the fact of going through it this becomes their weekly or biweekly torture—it is what to do to avoid that constant pain from traumatizing us so much that we let our facial hairs run wild over our eyes.


Yes, the ice. Ice will be our friend, as for many other things. In this case, it will help us to prepare the area so that this pain is not so bad. Now, you have to know how to use it. It may seem silly, but for a first-timer, these cautionary notes will come in handy as we smooth out any minor issues that may arise.

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The idea is to take an ice cube and apply it to the upper area of ​​the eyebrow, which is the one that we will tend to wax yes or yes, since the lower area may be optional for many. Although for those who have the leaves defined by genetics, they may need to shave only the lower part.

You have to keep in mind that the ice will melt a bit, and therefore, the area will be wet. What does this mean? That the clamp could slip. The appropriate thing is to epilate the dry and clean area, since the fat, as well as the water, could make it difficult for the clip to grip the hair, so we would jerk and only get hurt.

Advice for applying ice

Therefore, what shall we do? Well, once the ice has been applied to the area to be waxed, you have to leave it on for a few seconds or apply it several times for it to work. BEWARE: never apply it statically or you will burn your skin, always in motion. Slowly, but moving.

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We will notice how the area is getting a little sleepy due to the cold of the ice, and if not, you can always touch your eyebrow to check if you continue to notice it normally. Once she is drowsy (and this is important because of what has been said about the lack of grip of the tweezers), we will dry the eyebrow with a clean cloth (a clean towel will also work) with small touches to remove excess drops.

It is important that you do not drag the cloth over the area, because of the friction it will create heat and the area would become sensitized again. And therefore, there would be no use passing the ice to us.

How to wax after applying ice

Once the eyebrow is “dried”, we would wax the area calmly. We will notice, if it is not the first time that we shave, that the pulls do not hurt so much. It is a very pleasant feeling, to see that what made us suffer so much, sorrow is already a small bother. Sometimes not even that.

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Obviously, after a while the area will wake up, so we would proceed again to “treat” the skin with ice.
Although all this seems very cumbersome, it is not at all, because you will see that the ice acts quickly and that, if we keep the ice cube in the cloth without wrapping it, when we are going to need it, it will not have melted yet. Except on hot days!

If you don’t want to use ice cubes, you can use a cold compress or, for example, a sleeping mask that we can also apply.

As a summary of everything explained we can say:

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  • Eyebrows should always begin to be waxed in the central area. The gap between the eyebrows is key that it is empty
  • You must define the arch of the eyebrow well, so that with the help of a pencil placed on your nose, you can mark the starting, height and end points of the eyebrow
  • Waxing is somewhat painful at first but effective in areas such as between the eyebrows. For new hair removal, although more laborious, bet on thread hair removal and if you don’t want to complicate your life, use tweezers.
  • So that hair removal does not hurt at all, it is better to choose to apply a little ice to the area. You let it act, it dries and you will be able to wax without problems, and without pain.

Waxing thick eyebrows

For those men who have very populated eyebrows, it is necessary that you remove the hair from them, so that you can empty them.
Keep in mind that this hair, as well as that between the eyebrows, usually reappears in a short time, so if you want to always have groomed and perfect eyebrows, you will need to shave them every four or five days or at least go over them every week.


Of course, you don’t need to leave the eyebrows very fine either because they don’t look very good on the masculine face.
What you should do is go little by little and paying close attention to the hairs that are left over with the magnifying mirror.

The first few times you will think that you have everything left over, but the truth is that once you remove the hair from between the eyebrows, you will realize how your appearance has changed.
Then move on to the eyebrows themselves following what we have told you before. And do not forget to remove those “hairs” that are left over. You will notice that in a matter of days, some will have already grown.

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  • Don’t forget to pluck your eyebrows every week if you have a lot of them
  • You will only need to use a magnifying mirror, tweezers and remove the “rebel” hairs.

Care for male eyebrows

Although we are talking about the importance of having good eyebrows, most men do not know how to not only wax that area, but they also do not know how to take care of them.

You may think that your eyebrows will always be equally thick, but this is not the case, when you start waxing, you will notice that perhaps you have lost density.

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So that this does not happen to you, you can try to hydrate them, at night, with Vaseline and coconut oil. In this way, you can make your eyebrows look hairy enough and you may even have to keep plucking.

On the other hand, when you get older your eyebrows tend to change to a whitish tone, like gray hair, so you can choose a tint for them and thus keep them with their natural color.

Where do I buy an eyebrow tint? Well, in a cosmetics and beauty store you can choose to buy an eyebrow “kit” like the one women use to shape their eyebrows and make them look more populated. These types of “kits” usually include a pencil or brush in the color of the eyebrow, so it can be useful for you. If you have a lot of gray hair or very white eyebrows, you should bet on a specific eyebrow tint. If you opt for it, it is better that you go to a professional.

In short:

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  • Don’t forget to hydrate your eyebrows
  • Don’t forget to dye them if you don’t like gray eyebrows.

Make up male eyebrows

Making up male eyebrows is not as rare as we think. Whether we want to give them more definition or we want them to look a color that is not gray (as they age), the idea of ​​​​make-up will always be good.

In this way, you can use a black or brown pencil, depending on whether you are dark, brown or blonde.

Make up eyebrows

Once you have arranged and plucked your eyebrows as we have told you, you can first use an eyebrow mascara (Maybelline sells a quite effective one) that will allow you to fill in those small gaps where you see that there is no hair.

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Then you take the eyebrow pencil and fill it in again, being careful not to go too far. You have to make small touches so that you can see that the eyebrow has more density and they will surely be perfect.

Tint the eyebrows

As for the eyebrow dye, you can apply it like any other hair dye, although with more care, although the hair in that area is somewhat more delicate.

You apply the dye with the help of the brush that it carries, and you have to know that it will last you about five or six weeks, depending on the tone applied. And if not, as I said, it is better to have it done by a professional.

In short:

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  • Make up the eyebrows with a suitable pencil
  • Use eyebrow tint for gray hair in the area

How to grow a man’s eyebrows?

We have already seen how to give or how to shape the eyebrows but as it happens to women, it can also happen to men that over time they notice that their eyebrows are thinner. Or maybe they waxed back in the day and now you want to regrow your eyebrows. If you find yourself with very thin and not very thick eyebrows, here are some natural remedies to stimulate hair growth: the result is guaranteed, but you will have to be patient and consistent in its use.

Olive oil

We all have it at home, olive oil is known for its beneficial use on hair, but it can also help nourish the eyebrow area, thanks to linoleic acid, and vitamins E and K. Massage a small amount of oil on the eyebrows, leave to act for a few hours and remove with hot water. Repeat at least once a day for 4-6 weeks.

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Coconut oil

Coconut oil is also famous for deeply nourishing dry, parched hair, but few know that it can do wonders for brows, too. Being able to hydrate them in depth, it prevents hair loss and the consequent thinning of the hair. Spread the coconut oil on the eyebrows at night with a cotton swab following the direction of hair growth. Leave it on all night, when you wake up clean your face with a specific product for your skin.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the best known product for stimulating hair and hair growth. It is also used on the eyelashes to strengthen them and consequently works very well for the eyebrows as well. Massage a drop of castor oil into both eyebrows, leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. With a little persistence you will see the first results in two months.

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What do a man’s eyebrows say?

When shaping the eyebrows, you may wonder if depending on this your eyebrows are going to indicate something or not. Regardless of age, since it is noticeable due to the small “claps” or “bald spots” that appear between the hairs of the eyebrows or because they also appear gray, eyebrows can say many things depending on the shape they have or in fact give a glimpse of our personality.

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Thus, by making an eyebrow shape with a very marked central angle, you will be revealing that you have a strong personality, with clear ideas but also that you were a person who gave great importance to aesthetics. Instead, making a straighter brow shape indicates seriousness and also that you are quite realistic.

Little more can be said since men’s eyebrow shapes are not as marked or are not usually waxed as much as women do. In the case of these, we could say that angled eyebrows indicate empathy, while completely arched eyebrows indicate a reserved and rational personality.

How to care for men’s eyebrows?

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Getting a good shape to the eyebrows is essential if you want to look better and more handsome, but how do you take care of male eyebrows? Well, in the same way as the feminine ones. That is to say, waxing those extra hairs that tend to appear between the eyebrows from time to time, trying to maintain the shape we want them to have and also, combing every day (carefully and with an eyebrow brush) and applying some of the oils before mentioned so that we can guarantee that the eyebrows do not lose hair.

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